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You’re getting ready to start exercising, finding the best way to lose those pounds, wanting to sit straight at your desk day in and out. Getting fit is one of the best things you can do to improve every part of your life, just being fit already makes being happier easies, but you will quickly wonder how to get rid of the excess fat that you’re carrying around.

There is no single workout that burns more fat than another, it’s about having a balance. Becoming a fat burning monster requires you to make drastic changes to your life, ensuring that each time you work out you are taking it to the limit. 

Training each part of your body until it becomes perfectly refined, controlling your diet, and not stopping when things start feeling impossible is the most important part to training.

While there are some that are more important than others, especially in the beginning, getting into the best shape means knowing what to do.

Here’s how you’re going to lose the fat, become the best version of yourself, and then continue to become even better than that. 

Cardiovascular Training

This is the most obvious ways of training that you will know about, these include everything from swimming, running, and bike riding. Cardiovascular training is focused on training your heart, lungs and the blood vessels connected to these. Meaning that it has much more long-term benefits than just strength training.

Cardiovascular training is the first training that any doctor will recommend if you have heart problems, blood pressure problems, or even if they just want you to start training regularly. Getting into cardiovascular training is one of the hardest habits to create and requires that you make the most changes to your life. 

Breaking Your Old Habits

The reason you will have to start doing cardiovascular training is because the current way you are living life is not beneficial. This can be because you are eating too much, not getting enough exercise, or usually a combination of both. Both are habits that every human on earth has at some point. 

An important part of cardiovascular training will therefore be to break these habits, stopping yourself from eating that third slice of pizza, getting up when you feel like doing nothing for hours on end, and not skipping out on training. Luckily, cardiovascular training can be extremely helpful in breaking these habits.

Many people thing that you must break a habit and then start a new habit, however, one of the easiest things to do is replacing habits. If you would usually snack at unhealthy times, you can instead go for a walk when the urge hits. Breaking the habit of bad habits means getting healthier ones, not leaving any space in your life for unhealthy habits. 

Keep the Blood Pumping

Cardiovascular training is about keeping your heart and lungs working, making the blood throughout your body continually pumping. Meaning that the more it feels like you might die in the beginning, the more it is a good thing. Being sure not to push too far though, as beginners should never push themselves so far they hurt themselves.

Woman on a treadmill in a fitness club - What Workouts Burn the Most Fat
Woman running on running machine at gym.

However, this is how cardiovascular training helps you use up all those excess calories, letting you use burn up the stored energy your body has. Or that’s almost how it works, the main part is that to give every part of your body that needs to be trained with cardiovascular training working perfectly you must continually keep your blood pressure up. 

Having short breaks and then continuing to push through will let your body always have the right pressure and strength to keep going. Doing this while you are young, and overweight is slightly more effective to losing weight than when you are fit. 

When you are at the lowest level of your fitness there is nowhere to go but up. 

Distance vs Speed

This is something you won’t have to worry about when you just begin your training, as long you are moving and trying your best it’s already fantastic. However, once you start getting slightly fit you will have to start focusing on what kind of training you want to do and what works for you. Many runners find a point where they must figure where their strength lies. 

Sometimes you are more comfortable moving at a steady pace for a long distance, burning energy at a steady pace. Other times you might want to quickly burn off some energy by going as fast as you possibly can for short distances.

Luckily, this is a personal preference thing, whether you’re doing it on a bike, on treadmills, or using some other form of cardiovascular training. 

Getting comfortable in the choice that you’ve made will mean you can easily repeat the training and continually increase the amount of energy you are burning off. This strengthens your cardiovascular system, letting you train more tomorrow and giving you a much longer life to live. 

An added benefit is that you’ll be able to feel yourself continually improve, learning where your own limits, and improving them. 

Strength Training

This is the optional training, the one that many people may shy away from when they first start training. Focused on the muscles in your body, from your legs to your pecks, each muscle can be trained and improved until they are much more than they are now. 

Man lifting on a Rogue Fitness rack getting his strength training in - What Workouts Burn the Most Fat
Man lifting on a Rogue Fitness rack

Getting your body in top physical condition, burning off fat or just bulking up, will require some weight training. One of the ways that you train yourself daily will require that you train with more than just the strength of your own body. 

Not Too Heavy

This is a mistake that all new trainees have, especially when they are overweight and wanting to lose their excess fat. However, it is not only dangerous but going too heavy too early will mean you can’t continue to train as you want to. 

When you are just starting your bodybuilding way of life, it is best to start with weight that are just below the limit of what you can lift. In the beginning it is not about straight building more muscles.

Instead it will be about getting all the muscles in your body ready for training. Strength training will always involve using muscles you did not know you had. 

Therefore, trainers will always let you rather train with lighter weights, slowly getting you to do heavier and heavier weights as you become used to the training.

As your body gains strength and more ability, the weights will become heavier, and you will start burning more and more energy as the weights you are using increase and push your limits.

More Reps

Unless you are in the Olympic weightlifting competition, there is no reason for you to lift the absolute maximum weight your body can handle. Doing this is the easiest and fastest way of causing permanent damage to some of the most important muscles throughout your body. Instead, doing more with less weight is extremely important.

The process of building muscles, increasing their size, and burning off your fat is a process of repetition with habit. Along with your cardiovascular training doing more reps of your weights will be significantly more effective in burning off fat.

This is because more reps, doing more training with weights, is one of the most effective things you can do to increase muscle mass.

While you should be pushing your muscles to their limit, you will quickly learn that using something that you can lift with some ease for 20 times is more effective that lifting something almost impossible once. 

Proper Gains

There is a trick to strength training, whether you are doing it to become a bodybuilder or just to support your cardiovascular training routine. You need to gain strength in the right ways, in the right balances.

Many first-time exercisers that have no guiding hands are not aware that they should not focus too much on one body part. 

This eventually leads to people who have arms that are too big, shoulders that look swollen or in the worst cases have large upper bodies but legs that can barely support them. The old joke about not skipping leg day holds even more true when you are just starting your training journey. 

Losing weight requires you to train every single part of your body, including fighting the mental urge to stop when you feel like no progress has been made.

Even strength training requires weeks for you to see any results, this means that your body won’t easily change shape. Becoming fit, losing weight and gaining muscles is a process of patience. 

Proper gains come with time and continued exercise, trusting in your habits to effectively work every time. 

The Best Options or Types of Training

You will need to know where to begin before you just head off to train the weight away, and that can be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. Getting fit means that you need to do the same things repeatedly, and nothing is as counter productive as not doing an exercise that you enjoy.

This almost always leads to people quitting their exercise routines and not being able to see what they are capable of. Luckily, there are a few exercises that always work on getting you fit and they’re some of the most fun ones out there.


Swimming is one of the few exercises we know about that trains almost every single part of your body at the same time. This burns a lot of energy fast, and more importantly it can be a lot more fun than others and easier to stick to.

Getting into a good swimming routine will mean you achieve more training slightly quicker than other training methods.


One of the most obvious and most accessible training methods known to man, just taking a simple jog down the block of your street is hugely beneficial.

While it is more focused on cardiovascular training it can help to strengthen and define leg muscles , however, achieving a level of running where you are actively burning fat can take a long time.


The preferred way of training if you are slightly overweight, biking around your neighborhood, or on a static bike means low impact, energy-burning exercises.

Biking, unlike running, has almost no impact on your joints, which means if you have a pre-existing condition you won’t be damaging your joints or anything else. 


Weightlifting is the simplest way of building and toning the muscles across your body, getting more defined muscles, and burning energy as you go.

Some people prefer to only do weightlifting for their exercises letting their fat in a sense turn into muscles. This builds the popular bodybuilder physique that you can see in movies and TV.

Rowing Machine

Possibly one of the most overlooked ways of training your body, rowing machines are hidden gems in almost every gym around the world. Getting yourself one at home or finding access to one will mean your complete body workout every time you use it.

Owing to the way a rowing machine works it burns a lot of energy and motivated the rapid growth of not only muscles but stamina. 


Getting out to a gym or building your own private gym may seem like a daunting task, which is where hiking comes into play. You won’t be able to reach body perfection like other training methods, but you will easily become a lot more fit.

The combination of burning calories and fresh air will mean your life will become a lot healthier and you’re going to feel a lot better. 

Finding the right training or exercise routine when you begin on the road to reaching the optimal body is vital to building habits. Nothing lets you get fit like excitement for when you go out to train. 

How Burning Fat Works

There are a lot of guides out there that have claims of burning fat in some way, some claim that only drinking a pill will help, while others recommend fancy tea.

These almost never work, and rarely are they doing anything other than giving bursts of energy or just some vitamins. Over the years the world of training and dieting have found that there are certain things that work and others that do not.

While exercise is vital to living a healthy life, proper muscle definition on your body will help you easily gain weight, control your current weight and generally just looking good in a bikini, or just a pair of swimming trunks.

Being proud of the body that you do have is the first step to becoming and staying healthy. To achieve this, you first need to learn about energy in and energy out.

Calories in

The food you eat is the energy you have if your body has too much energy it is going to store that energy for later when you have less food. This is the problem that a lot of people have with calories in, getting the right number of calories in each day is probably one of the biggest challenges of training. 

Few people realize how much energy we consume every day, and how little is used while exercising. So, controlling how much energy is consumed daily means that you no longer must exercise as hard to just overcome the amount of energy you have each day.

Eating less, eating different, or just not eating are all ways people control the number of calories they take in.

Calories Out

This is where exercise becomes important, and consistency is lot more important than short bursts of exercise. Getting your body trained and ready to expend all the energy it has daily will mean that you can control the number of calories that can be stored.

Getting the excess energy that you have from just eating and drinking daily is a sure way to stop more fat from being created. 

Having your body use up just the energy from foods you’ve taken in daily is a sure way to control your weight gain. However, it requires that you always do the right amount of exercise every time, getting into the routine of running, biking, swimming, or lifting daily. 

The energy that you burn while doing this is connected directly to the calorie count in the foods that you eat daily. Finding the best way to get rid of excess calories will let you burn the fat that you have, eventually getting fit and not being overweight. 

Finding the Exercises That Work for You

While there are many ways to exercise, you will quickly realize that there are many that you do not like. This can be good if done properly, but ultimately the way you exercise and the exercises that you do need to be something that you enjoy doing day in and out. Getting fit should always become and enjoyable experience.

It may seem odd but the people you always see smiling in advertisements really do enjoy what they do, and you need to find the exercise that makes you smile. There is an easy way learn which exercises are the best for you and which ones you will enjoy the most.

Repeated Workouts

This is probably one of the things that all people fail in doing, they try something once and then assume they do not like it. While the most effective thing is to try and try again, sometimes you don’t realize the full benefit of an exercise until you have done it quite a few times. Becoming good at something is sometimes required for you to enjoy it. 


Building a routine is vital, getting into the habit means that you need to have set times when certain things happen. It’s the same in finding your preferred exercise routine, getting ready, and willing to get into the routine required to become fit. 

Be Open and Try Everything

This is important to find the exercises that work for you, try literally everything you possibly can. Go running, go swimming, even trying extreme workouts that may seem like you’d never like it.

Therefore, some people are climbing walls while others are leisurely just riding their bikes. Trying everything means that you will know exactly what kinds of exercise you enjoy and your interests with others doing the training will be aligned. 

Proper Coaching

Getting people to help you exercise is one of the most important parts of exercising. Owing to the inherent danger of not exercising properly, you will need someone to show you how to do it properly.

It can be professional personal trainers that know how to do it perfectly or just veteran exercisers that are willing to help you. Never be afraid to ask for help, no one in an exercise environment will ever judge you for trying, nor will they laugh at your confusion. 

Starting slow

You may want to start off doing a full 2 mile run down the road, or biking across a nation, but this is not how you build long term exercises. Instead, you need to start slow, getting your body used to being trained daily, making sure the routine doesn’t cause you unnecessary pains and strains.

A lot of people jump into exercise going to their absolute limits, which means their bodies are in pain the next few days, discouraging them from going back and continuing their training.

Getting the right exercise and becoming a fat burning master is not as simple as jumping into the gym and doing what everyone else is doing. It requires that you find the perfect way to train your own body. 

The Difficult Part: Diet Changes

This is surprisingly the hardest part for many people to do, chancing your diet is more important that any type of training. Even the most active people can and will start gaining weight if they eat too much, eat the wrong foods, or just not eating properly. 

Eat Less

You may think that one burger a day is not too much, but it is, burgers, hot dogs, or anything else with a lot of calories can easily overwhelm you. Becoming fit, burning fat, and being the best you can be means you need to eat significantly less than you are currently eating.

Many people can start losing weight without even changing their exercise routines. This is because they are simply eating too much, which creates an excess number of calories in the body.

In some rare cases eating too much while exercising can cause you to gain weight, as your body stores energy while you are gaining muscle mass.

Therefore losing and burning fat requires that you eat less, either by fasting or just controlling what you consume. Simply doing calorie counting with an app or by looking how much the foods you are eating have in them. 

On average a human that works full time and does some light exercise can use up 2500 calories a day, ensuring you eat less than that will easily help you in losing weight. 

Controlling What You Choose to Eat

This is the most important part of losing fat, even if you are eating less, eating the wrong food will mean that you are still gaining weight faster than you could ever lose it. Getting yourself to eat food that have less calories means you are constantly burning the fat reserves that you have. 

Therefore you will see hardcore bodybuilders eating foods they may hate, because eating a can of tuna a day, mixed with controlled levels of other foods burns fat more easily.

However, it is important to remember that does not mean swearing off the good foods that you love, you can still eat some foods you like. 

Losing and controlling your weight gain is not about swearing off everything bad, instead, it’s about controlling what you eat and how much you eat. A cake with friends once a month won’t harm you, it’s a cake a day that makes fat stay. 

Change Your Food Types

This is one of the most daunting but rewarding tasks when you start your journey for losing weight. You might think that eating a steak once a weekend won’t harm, but it can be almost disastrous, the same for everyday life.

Changing what you snack on is more important than stopping yourself from snacking.

Having easy to access stashes of peanuts instead of sweets will promote your weight loss and let you easily become the fat-burning machine you need to be.

How long does it typically take to see results when strength training?

The timeline for noticeable results in strength training can vary. Generally, beginners may start experiencing improvements in strength and muscle tone within 4-8 weeks of consistent training. However, substantial gains often take several months of dedicated effort, proper nutrition, and adequate recovery. Progression, consistency, and patience are key in achieving desired results in strength training.

Final Thoughts on What Workouts Burn the Most Fat

The secret to losing fat, controlling your weight, and becoming the best you, you can possibly be is finding the right balance of exercise and food consumption. Getting the perfect body is a unified action that you should be working on in small increments daily, becoming better each day. 

The journey to being the fat-burning master starts with small steps that lead you to overcome some of the largest challenges ahead of you. 

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