How Healthy are Energy Drinks: Is Bang Bad For Your Health

We all have our vices, for some it is caffeine and for others it is an energy drink like Redbull, Bang, Monster Energy, or Rockstar. I have switched recently from Rockstar to Bang but my wife then asked me about the different drink and is Bang bad for you. I didn’t have an answer so I started to research on caffeine contents and is Bang bad for you and your health?

If you are a normal and healthy human and an adult then there is no issues with drinking a Bang energy from the For healthy individuals there is no issues with drinking a Bang energy from a medical standpoint. It doesn’t impact blood sugar but if avoiding caffeine then you may want to look for another option as Bang energy does contain high levels of caffeine and is one of the strongest energy drink options available.

Now there is plenty of conversations around about the overall health of drinking energy drinks but a great many of these are just false narratives aimed at competiting drinks.

In fact the biggest was from science sponsored specifically by the competitive drink industries specifically to cut down the sales and to hurt them financially.

What is Bang?

One of the newer energy drink brands on the block that has exploded recently and become widespread, BANG is an energy drink which was targeted more at people in the fitness world who love BCAAs.

Bang is built for exercise with 300 milligrams of caffeine contents, low grams of sugar, and with a 16-ounce can, this drink can help you outlast your fitness output in almost all cases.

As they say Bang® energy drinks also contain other ingredients designed to help you get more out of your workout.

Bang has super creatine, BCAAs, and more included in their drink which helps lower your need for other supplementation.

Though this depends on the amount you typically take as each person may vary greatly as to totals consumed.

To make the highest quality nutritional supplements on the market, backed by scientific research.

Bang Mission Statement

Is Bang Healthy to Drink or Is Bang Energy Drink Bad For You?

If you base this off ingredients then the answer is obviously yes, its ingredients are on the label and they are in many other foods and drinks. If you mean caffeine levels then it is fully within the range for your body to handle.

There is nothing specifically about this popular energy drink that would make it healthy, nor anything that would make it unhealthy. The quality to health is about your overall body health, the Bang drinks contain normal, cleared for consumption, ingredients.

Is Bang a Good Pre Workout?

With a large amount of caffeine the Bang energy drinks can help get you up and going pretty fast into your workout. The 300mg of caffeine should last through most workouts depending on the severity and the amount of water you consume, is bang energy drink good for you as a pre-workout?

If you find yourself typically lagging in a workout then adding a drink like Bang to your workout will definitely help amp up your energy for a harder and more thorough workout.

The Bang can doesn’t show me that there is any electrolytes so it won’t help you replace those lost from the workout itself. It does contain creatine and BCAAs which is supposed to help in recovery but I can’t vouch for if it does much good.

How Strong is Bang Energy Drink?

For caffeine the Bang energy drinks are one of the highest caffeine levels available in an energy drink. They each clock in at 300mg each which is equal to about 3 cups of coffee!

Is Bang Better for You Than Monster?

In research I found many issues which were reported as being caused by Monster drinks, this includes 17 deaths, heart attacks, heart irregularities and much more.

When I searched the same for Bang I found no such stories which could be down to Bang working harder to make sure the ingredients are clean, as they test the EXACT mixture that gets sold.

Why Do People Drink Energy Drinks?

A lot has to do with the purported “energy” that they provide the drinker which allows them to work harder and faster. This doesn’t always mean while working as they are also a favorite of people in office work as they feel the caffeine helps them work faster and more efficiently.

How Much Water Does it Take to Flush Out an Energy Drink?

So a single can of Monster is in a 20oz can, the amount of caffeine and energy boost in this single can will cause your body to need to process it out over the next few hours.

Typically your kidneys process out the ingredients but they don’t require “additional” water to perform this filtering. You can increase your water intake to help the system move a little faster but there is no direct answer.

How Long Does Bang Stay in Your System?

As a interesting tidbit from reading it appears the body has the ability to clear caffeine and on average this time is about 4-6 hours for the complete removal of the caffeine from the bloodstream.

This is tied to that loss of energy feeling many have as the energy drink is tapering off and what will make you want to have another one to maintain that level.

Why You Should Stop Drinking Energy Drinks

There is a lot of real research out there in teens especially that the drinks can cause many adverse effects with blood pressure, heart rate issues like heart palpitations, a rapid heart rate, and much more.

In adults there isn’t many studies that point out any specific issues to consumption in the same manner. I would suggest if you have kidney issues or heart issues then it would be something to cut out or to speak with your doctor open and honestly.

If you are having issues with being able to get good sound sleep then I would suggest trying to cut the energy drinks down or remove them altogether to see if they are the cause of sleep problems.

bang energy drinks on a table - post on Is Bang Bad For You

Final Thoughts on Is Bang Bad For You

I absolutely love Bang as they have any flavor you could think of from energy drinks, they don’t taste like chalk, as my wife says. My current obsession is Frose Rose which is just enough sweet versus some of the others which can be pretty sweet.

Honestly the cola one was super gross, I won’t get that one again! I enjoy the kickstart to my day as I am really not a coffee drinker and that seems to be the only “adult” way to get caffeine in my day job.

I would love to hear your favorite Bang version in the comments below! Hopefully this helped you learn a little more on energy drinks and their benefits and drawbacks, hope to see you again soon!

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