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Lifting weights at the gym can be quite a challenge. Before you lift a bar and weight you may wonder whether it is possible for you to lift that amount safely or not. For many beginners and even advanced when you have completed that 8th rep you will want to push and proceed with a 9th rep where strength may fail.

If this is you and you don’t have another person to help spot you then you can prepare yourself mentally to bench without a spotter. This will help you be better ready so if you should face any issue or difficulties should you hit failure.

Anyone who is choosing to engage in a bench press should have a clear understanding about their own personal weight lifting limits. It is when you ignore these limits that you begin to deal with many of the possible negative consequences.

The Need to Have a Spotter

Let’s just take a look at the barbell bench press for a hot minute. Should you fail to be able to lift your weights they would then fall directly onto your chest, face, or neck. The massive weight would lead you to an injury and this is why most lifters will choose to seek the assistance of a spotter.

Your spotter can be a friend of yours or any other person who has come to the gym to perform their own workouts. This person will be able to keep an eye on you and provide the help and support necessary while you are lifting heavy.

When you are engaging with the bench press, you can get the help of the spotter and have weight on your arms. Then you can buckle and proceed with the workout. However, it would not be practically possible for you to get the assistance of a spotter at all times.

The only downfall to strangers is that you need to trust your spotter will be focused on you to ensure they have you covered on a lift failure. If you experience trust issues then you may want to work on finding a dedicated partner or you will need to figure out how to perform your bench press without a spotter.

Personal trainer helping woman bench press in gym - How to Bench Without a Spotter
Personal trainer helping woman bench press in gym

Can I Do Bench Press Without a Spotter?

Yes, it is safe for you to proceed with performing your bench press workout without seeking the assistance of a spotter. However, you will need to have a clear understanding on how to do it without risk to yourself or others.

On the other hand, you must have a strong picture on how to get the most out of your workouts as well. Then you will be able to refrain from all the dangerous situations that you will run into.

How To Do a Bench Press Without a Spotter

There are numerous methods available for you to engage with bench press without getting the assistance of a spotter. Here are some of the most prominent methods out of them.

You can take a look at these methods and then locate the best one out of them to proceed with your workouts without a spotter.

Get a Machine That Mimics a Bench Press Workout

There are machines, which are designed to mimic the experience offered out of bench press workouts. You should think about purchasing such a machine. Then you will be able to get the support needed to proceed with the workout without seeking the assistance of a spotter.

You will have to invest a considerable amount of money to purchase this style of machine, something like the Bowflex Xtreme 2 would be perfect. You can view this as a great investment that you can do in yourself and your health as you will be able to receive all the support needed to ensure your safety.

On the other hand, you can receive the support needed to engage with bench press workout as well.  

Set Up a Cage for the Bench Press

Another effective method that you can follow is to set up a cage to proceed with bench press. This is something that you can do on your own. However, you will be able to do this at a bench that you have at the office.

Otherwise, you can request from the staff at gym to make this modification to the bench, so that the level of safety associated with it can be increased.

When you are trying to set a cage for the bench, you will need to ensure that the bar is stopping slightly above your chest. When you can engage with the workout while retaining effectiveness associated with it as well.

You can also think about benching while keeping an arch on the back. It is possible for all the powerlifters to take this to the extreme level. In other words, they can form an arch, which is almost similar to 90 degrees. However, you need to be mindful about your safety at all the times.

Get the Help of a Set of Resistance Bands to Strengthen Your Muscles

A resistance band that you can easily find in your gym will be able to deliver the support that you need to proceed with bench press workout without getting the help of a spotter.

You will need to think about getting the assistance of the resistance band to activate your shoulders. Then you will be able to have more control over the weight.

Along with that, you will be able to proceed with developing more control over your upper body muscles as well. The strength you build using this approach will be able to help you with gaining numerous benefits in the other workouts that you do as well.

You will be able to get the resistance band and engage with pushups. This will help you to build the strength that you wish to have. You will be able to use resistance band push ups in order to build your arm and chest strength. This will help you to get much-needed support while you focus on bench press.

During bench press, you will be using the shoulder muscles and chest muscles to push up weights or the resistance that you have. This will provide a decent workout experience to you.

However, you need to ensure that you are confident about pushing up the resistance. This confidence will be delivered to you by the resistance band. It will activate the muscles and deliver all the support you need.

Stick to Your Limits

If none of these tips are something that you can do, you will be able to think about sticking to your limits. In other words, you need to understand your limits and ensure that you stick to the limits at all times.

For example, if the recommended number of reps that you need to do is 8, you should never think about going beyond that number. Then you will be able to keep control over the weight that you are lifting.

You should also take a look at the possibility that is available for you to lift confidentially. Then you will never feel like that you are trapped.

Bench press is an effective workout available for anyone to engage with. However, you need to understand the risks that are associated with this workout.

Then you will be able to proceed with the workout without becoming a victim of it. If you can find a spotter, you are always encouraged to get his support and proceed with the workouts.

But if you cannot find a spotter, you don’t need to worry too much as you will be able to get the support of any of the above-mentioned methods and engage with bench press.

What is the Average Weight that the Average Man Can Bench Press Without a Spotter?

The average man’s weightlifting capacity without a spotter is a commonly asked question. While it varies based on individual strength and experience, an average weight of around 100-150 lbs can be bench pressed safely without assistance. Remember to always prioritize safety and gradually increase weight to avoid injury.

Final Thoughts on How to Bench Without a Spotter

There have been many options presented today on how you can still do a bench press workout even when you can’t find a spotter to help keep you safe from harm.

Remember that you are lifting quite heavy weights in many cases and if they are to drop on you it could cause catastrophic damage to your head, neck, or chest.

Treat this with respect and if you need to use bands don’t think of it as “cheating yourself” look at it as a new challenge as they maintain work to control on the path up and the path down.

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