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One of the main issues facing keto diet practitioners is what travel snacks exist to help me perform at my best. We intend to answer this by going over the top 10 options available, we break them down by macro nutrient breakdown on the chocolate flavor. We also added the total carbohydrate to net carbohydrate count to help those who follow either version.

After you have seen the macro nutrient breakdown you can read more about specific bars and what we feel about their intent. Many bars are listed or sold as keto friendly but are very questionable on that take. But the good ones can be worth their weight in gold for amazing results!

Keto Diet Protein Bar Macronutrient Table

Stoka Bar2509g22g18g (4g)
Perfect Keto Bar23010g19g12g (3g)
Dang Bar21010g16g10g (4g)
Quest Bar2009g21g21g (4g)
Keto Bar2206g19g15g (3g)
One Protein Bar2107g20g22g (8g)
Zeno Bar (Vegan)1409g5g26g (4g)
Atlas Bar21012g16g22g (10g)
Busy Bar1405g13g16g (6g)
MariGold Bar29318g21g9g (3g)

Stoka Bar

Stoka Bars are a fulfilling sugar free snack bar that is sweet and crunchy! They are a company which aims for limited ingredients which allows you to consume a more whole version of a protein bar.

The bars have gone through a keto approval process having 4g of Net Carbs and 9g Protein per bar. They are simple, all natural ingredients in each bar which are proudly made in Texas! They are free of soy, GMO, and gluten making them an ideal snack for those with intolerance to certain ingredients.

Reviews have been pretty glowing as to overall taste of each different type of bar and that they fulfilled a need to help in getting a travel use protein bar!

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Perfect Keto Bar

Perfect Keto bars are healthy & delicious as they strike the right balance for a nutritious keto snack. By providing 10g of 100% grass-fed collagen protein, you will also promote hair, skin and nail health.

These bars were built for the singular purpose of when there’s not enough time to prepare a meal. Since most “on-the-go” low carb snacks provide poor nutrition at a high price. Perfect Keto Bars are portable and convenient and great for travel, work, or before the gym.

Perfect Keto Bars are packed full of quality ingredients that provide sustained high level energy to fuel your mind and body. What’s inside? Almond and cacao butter, coconut oil, and collagen, with a touch of sea salt and stevia.

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Dang Bar

Dang is a plant based protein bar making it a good option for those who avoid animal based products. The Three Flavor Dang Bar Variety Pack from Amazon is made with simple, real ingredients like almond butter, cocoa butter, coconut, complete pea protein, sunflower seeds and chia seeds.

All of the Dang protein bars give you a boost of healthy fats which help to sustain energy. this allows you to tackle whatever the days sends your way. Designed specifically to help support a nutritional ketosis approach, these bars are low sugar, low carb, paleo and keto friendly. Dangs goal is to help you stick to your health goals.

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Quest Bar

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars are always argued within the ketogenic community as they are heavy on the net carb approach. That being said they taste great by themselves but can also be baked into a delicious meal, dessert or breakfast treat.

I personally have these bars on subscription and generally get through two boxes a month as a family. From an ingredient point of view they are one of the best on the market in my perspective because I typically aim at a bar when i’m interested in something sweet.

The chewiness, combined with the crunch of the cookies inside, makes these seem like a forbidden treat when dieting.

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Keto Bar

Keto Bar for fitness has good dense texture and clean ingredients.

This company takes pride in the fact that Keto Bars do NOT taste like your average protein or low-carb bar. Their bars taste like real food, because they’re made with real food. No weird texture, no chalky or chemical flavor here. Just a short list of simple ingredients that you recognize and trust.

If you’re looking for a candy bar then this isn’t the bar for you. Instead this is filled with ingredients like unsweetened baking chocolate, coconut, almonds, and sweetened up slightly with a stevia/erythritol blend. They try exceedingly hard to NOT overly sweeten bars as they know once you keto adapt your taste buds change. You no longer need a ton of sweetener as natural sweetness is enough.

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One Protein Bar

One brings you nothing to feel guilty about in these Gluten-Free protein bars, so you can always give into your cravings. Stressful day? Pre-workout snack? Late for work? Grab your ONE protein bar for guilt-free snacking.

One Protein bar believes that great taste and good health are not mutually exclusive, which is why they created the ONE Protein Bar. High protein, just 1 gram of sugar and highly indulgent flavor make this protein bar the one you’ll want to keep eating.

In my opinion the flavors are dessert-like and to die for, at least in a protein bar. I am honestly happy with the birthday cake bar instead of a real cake. The nutrition is spot on for my personal goals – high protein and fiber, balanced amount of fats.

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Zeno Bar

This is a bar perfect for sustained energy without the sugar & carb spikes and crashes. Ideal for low-carb, paleo, or ketogenic diets, as well as for diabetics. It is Vegan friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO while packed with plant-based proteins, “good” fats, omega-3s, and fiber. These bars are sweetened with Allulose, a rare sugar found in fruit, yet with almost no calories and no glycemic effect.

Realizing how few options exist for convenient on-the-go energy for active people, Russell and Susan made it their mission to create a bar that truly works to keep their blood sugars in balance. Nearly 2,000 recipes later, Russell and Susan launch ZenoBar, uniquely designed to deliver high-octane energy, stable blood sugars, and to support a healthy microbiome.

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Atlas Bar

Atlas have a no junk policy, they didn’t need sugar, sugar alcohols, gluten, soy, GMOs or anything artificial and made a bar following this plan. They use grass fed whey from free-range cows in New Zealand. No hormones, chemicals or pesticides.

They built the Atlas Bar with real food only, delivering powerful nutrition so you can keep getting better. You deserved a fuel source that can handle the same challenges you do. With incredible taste, superior ingredients, and a macronutrient profile fit for a Titan, these are the bar for someone who is looking to be Atlas!

The Atlas chocolate flavor to me is just okay, but this vanilla almond is just pure amazingly good. If you’re tired of eating stuff that tastes like dirt, give these a shot. 

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Busy Bar

Busy Bar uses grass fed whey protein which is free of hormones and pesticides. With only 1 gram of sugar your blood sugar will not spike and crash so you have sustained energy all day. Busy Bars are gluten free, soy free, and low carb making it work with almost any diet!

They designed a protein bar that is made with real food ingredients that provides your body with the fuel it needs to be productive and efficient throughout your day.

In a pinch many of us reach for items that loaded with sugar and high in carbohydrates which provides quick relief but soon after causes your blood sugar to plummet leaving you feeling sluggish and foggy. Now you don’t have to make that choice!

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MariGold Bar

MariGold is a little different then the others, they offer bars which are made from cold processed whey isolate from hormone-free, grass-fed cows. These are the essence of fresh and should be refrigerated upon receipt to prevent spoilage.

These bars are made of whey isolate which has had the lactose and casein removed which removes the two biggest digestive culprits often associated with dairy. This allows people who are lactose intolerant, and gluten sensitive can eat these bars without the bloat that can be associated with the use of cheaper whey concentrate.

My personal main issue is only around their packaging, I wish it was done differently as the wrapping is sticky and not easy to open. They could definitely use something like a little pull open tab or perforated plastic opening.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Protein Bars Keto Diet

Choosing to get some healthy bars for when you travel or are out of the house are keys to any diet being successful. Finding bars that are high in protein but low in carb and fat is a perfect match and almost a unicorn!

Hopefully within this list of bars you have found your perfect match. I can say that I have a favorite in the Perfect Keto bars but would love to hear what your feedback is. Let me know what is your personal favorite or if I missed the brand you enjoy most.

If I helped you please feel free to share this with someone else who may be looking for a fitness bar for their Keto workouts, every little thing helps me support more people in their pursuits!

Here is a nice informative video around some keto bars and the net carb vs total carb.

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