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7 Keys That Tell If You Are Fat Adapted On Your Keto Journey

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Why would you need to know you are fat adapted you ask? Well the more you become adapted to running on fat instead of on carbohydrates the more effective you can be at losing body fat and becoming a lean, mean, beast!

The concept around fat adaptation is that your body has to work to enable full on fat burning engine instead of defaulting to the sugar or carbohydrate burning.

In more layman terms it means moving yourself from 90% carbohydrate and 10% fat burning (this occurs while sleeping for everyone) to more a 85-90% fat burning and 10% carb burning, primarily from veggies.

Now that you have the basics of a fat adapted physiology we will get on with these cool 7 things to help know when you are burning through fat in keto. None of these require a keto meter from either urine or blood monitor.

Increasing Or More Frequent Need To Pee

You body as the transition starts to occur diaereses, or expels, the extra water content from your body. When your inflammation goes down then the extra water normally used to manage this is allowed to be eliminated.

This dropping of water fast is what is frequently noted for most dieters as that initial super fast weight loss. This is also key to remember that if you start to consume carbohydrates again you will gain this water weight back as your body utilizes it.

Hungry Lessens and No Food Based Anger

As your body adjusts to using fat for a fuel on a more consistent basis you will realize your hunger overall typically lessens. This is due to the body being able to utilize its own stored fuel which, for most of you life in most cases, is many years of extra calories which could last years.

Since this occurs this tends to lessen that same streak of people when they get “hangry” and want to get physically upset over the lack of food as their body is attuned to getting food on a nearly consistent, grazing based, timeline.

A human being isn’t a herbivore. They shouldn’t continually eat to feed themselves, our bodies require time to digest and extract out the valuable nutrient dense essence of the foods we consume. To continue eating forces this process to speed up limiting the nutritional value of the foods in general.


Blood Pressure Starts To Normalize

If you had issues with high blood pressure, when your insulin level starts to drop your blood pressure should move back towards normal levels. This is an amazing sign and can help you start the path to a more healthy level and consistent blood pressure as long as you are staying on a ketogenic diet.

Normal blood pressure helps to lower possible issues with heart disease and diabetes along with many other metabolic syndrome issues and chronic problems.

What’s even better is that you can achieve it without taking a pill or product, this is just done by fixing your diet to remove the massive blood sugar spikes.

Decrease Of Cravings For Sweets and Carbohydrates

This has been my favorite thing about keto to a large part. I am most definitely a carb addict and when I was working to lose weight it would always end up being derailed by sugar and its addicting nature.

Once I started keto I told myself I didn’t get to cheat because I didn’t want to bend and risk breaking as I felt this was almost my final opportunity to have a long life for my wife and daughter. It has paid off in so many ways and I feel much blessed in my life and plan to be here for a long time.

Don’t risk everything for an indulgence, I promise you move past it faster than you think and it will slowly sicken you when in a sweet heavy area. We went to a bakery one day to get cupcakes for my daughters school birthday party, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon!

Yes, my daughter eats like a kid. I don’t force her to eat like me she has a very strong and functioning metabolism. She plays hard every day and consistently exercises. Honestly I wish my childhood would have gone that way and maybe I would have less issues then I do now.


Increased Mental Clarity

I love my ability to focus on a ketogenic diet, I have a little of what the doctors would call ADHD currently. When I grew up it was called misbehaving and “if he would just focus” on report card after report card.

What’s awesome about this change in diet is that for the first time in my life that I can recall I can keep the reigns intact and use the brainpower to focus and rip through tasks. If you are like me and haven’t had that ability in life before it is a god send and I won’t trade it for carbohydrates ever again.

Before anyone asks, no I haven’t been tested, but anyone who knows me will not argue this point. I don’t want medications and could care less about a “diagnosis”, that won’t alter how it impacts my life and hence is meaningless.

I have spent 40 years learning to hone and use it to advance my career. Though honestly, it has dead ended things plenty on its own.

Unending Energy Or Lack Of That 2pm Fatigue

I love hearing my coworkers complain about there 2pm shutdown where they lazily sit in their desks and are working through processing a heavy load of sugar.

The 2pm issues mainly are due to us eating a large carbohydrate based lunch and then our bodies having to ramp up insulin to manage the gigantic spike in our blood sugar which is not healthy for us.

When you become fat adapted you will realize that you just don’t run out of energy, you can go all day and then notice it is 7pm and you haven’t ate all day nor stopped being active.

I enjoy this feeling and ability to run as necessary for hours on end without the thought of being tired or hungry!

Edema And Swelling Goes Away

Since these are typically inflammation related when you lose that extra water volume and the inflammation level drops most people see this clear up to a decent level or all the way.

While people who don’t suffer from this don’t get it the people who do can’t help but be overly excited when this “side effect” occurs!

As always when I find a video I try to provide one from legitimate sources. Here is Dr Ken Berry speaking about the ways to learn if you are fat adapted.

As like I he isn’t a large proponent in the measuring of blood ketones unless that is your thing and you get enjoyment out of it!

Final Thoughts on How To Tell If Fat Adapted on Keto

Hopefully these simple keys will let you know if you are now running fat adapted and are starting to enhance your health and well being. I would love to hear more from you below in the comments if you are fat adapted and how keto has been for you so far!

Please share this online if you found it helpful, I am always hoping to help others out and any good news for others I love to hear about!

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