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  • Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Meter Review

    When starting a ketogenic diet many people want to measure the ketones in their body to get some confidence that they are progressing into ketosis. Typically when measuring people purchase the urine test strips, unfortunately they are of limited use the longer you are on a ketogenic diet as you get adapted you produce less…

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  • How Many Times a Week Should I do HIIT Workouts?

    High-intensity interval training has rightfully occupied its position as a fitness game-changer. It has been the talk of the town for its extraordinary results in a small amount of time. Even researchers have done numerous studies to showcase the life-changing impact it has on your body. How many times a week should I do HIIT?…

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  • Are You a Lunk? Why Planet Fitness Runs a Lunk Alarm

    We have all visited a gym and been led to believe it isn’t the right place for us with all the people deciding they need to be the loudest person in the gym grunting on every movement. If you are like me this was a negative to even think about signing up in the first…

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  • BowFlex VeloCore Bike Review: Lean Strong Into Your Training!

    Are you a person that when you cant get out to ride looks to find a more involved way to ride while indoors? If so Bowflex just released the VeloCore Bike that is possibly the best bike ever for your use at home as it has raised the bar by adding LEANING into turns!!! Bowflex…

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  • Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder Review By Hi-Lyte

    On your ketogenic diet you need to ensure you keep your electrolytes up. Keto K1000 electrolyte powder is a good way to get some additional intake if you aren’t able to only from food sources.

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  • What is the Original Insanity Workout? Why You Need To Do It

    For many people who have done home workout DVDs, you will know the name Insanity from its explosive fitness craze that followed P90X. From the company that created P90X came Insanity, with a focus on a pure cardio-based workout that aims to build your endurance along with your stamina. What is the original Insanity workout?…

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  • 10 Benefits to a Full Body Workout Every Other Day: Get Jacked

    Muscle-building and fat loss are two primary objectives of a full-body workout. When we say ‘objective,’ we are focusing on the underlying goal that individuals seek from a routine. It is essential to learn about the nature of a full-body workout so that you can manage its intensity and frequency. To optimize the muscle strength…

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  • What is DDP Yoga? A Non-Impact Approach to Fitness

    Many people see yoga and think its something older people or hippies do but as a fitness option it has only been growing with time. Popularity has grown through things like P90X including Yoga as a core workout to show how they are part of a well balanced fitness approach, DDP Yoga is a full-tilt…

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  • 11 Components of Complete Physical Fitness to Excel & Master

    You never want to stop learning how to better yourself and learning about fitness and the eleven core components of physical fitness. Each of these can help you build and maintain a solid body for life, take some time and read up below and then search out more ways to become physically healthy and strong.…

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