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  • How Much Rest and Relaxation Should You Get Each Day?

    Resting and relaxing after a hard day of work may involve sitting in front of the TV and just unwinding, however, this is not always the best way to relax. When you’re regularly exercising or you’re working in a high stress environment you will need more relaxation than you could expect. How much relaxation do…

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  • What Are Exogenous Ketones? How They Help Energize Workouts

    When I started the ketogenic diet Facebook was awash in MLM company salespeople attempting to sell their Exogenous Ketones. They were listed as solving everything that could plausibly happen to you to get into Ketosis without effort, herculean strength and also to lose weight. What Are Exogenous Ketones? Exogenous ketones are a supplemental form of…

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