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Many people see yoga and think its something older people or hippies do but as a fitness option it has only been growing with time.

Popularity has grown through things like P90X including Yoga as a core workout to show how they are part of a well balanced fitness approach, DDP Yoga is a full-tilt option. So, what is DDP Yoga?

DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page, previously of WWE wrestling fame, who after his career was over, had lots of physical ailments he cured with a Yoga routine. This led him to form DDP Yoga based on this to help out others to get healthy with lower to no-impact workouts.

Lets take a look into what DDP Yoga is all about and if it is a good match for you and maybe something you could start doing as a low-impact exercise while at home without access to a gym.

We will dive in to what the costs are and whether it is a good fit for people who are just starting to exercise.

Moving into the building of strength and loss of weight helps back pain and finally onto results that ca show you what you can accomplish.

Diamond Dallas Page from the WWE - What is DDP Yoga

How Much is DDP Yoga?

DDP Yoga has 2 different methods to help you choose which works best for you.

They include DDPY On Demand and the more contemporary old method of ordering the workout DVDs.

The Costs Are Listed Below:

While many may assume the best option may be DVD ownership or On Demand each has some reasons why they would be a good choice for a purchaser.

Why Choose the DDP Yoga DVD Option?

For someone who knows they are willing and able to do the same set of workouts for a elongated time period and repeat the same ones each time you can save a lot of money by purchasing a DVD set.

The benefit also means that you don’t have any monthly payment and everything is up front until you choose to add on another DVD workout set which would then require another purchase.

Why Choose the DDPY On Demand Option?

As you can see from the above prices to get a box set with all the existing workouts you will have a cost out of pocket of around $305 all at once.

Instead, if you choose to do a monthly membership online you get access to all workouts at a small cost of $19.99 per month or down to $7.99 if you buy a year of access in advance.

Additionally, if you click here you can actually get 7 days free through me, so you can try out the service online and figure out if it is for you.

The only con to a streaming option is when you choose to end your service you lose access to all the workouts that you would have had access to.

So if you plan to start and stop frequently depending on your needs, you may be better suited to purchasing a DVD set.

Is DDP Yoga Good for Beginners?

I would say that DDP Yoga from the videos and content is aimed at helping get beginners results without causing them physical ailments.

So I would say this is a yes, will it be easy, that would be a harder question.

If you are a beginner to Yoga but have a base of physical work then it will be as hard as the effort you decide to put into it, you can be lazy in anything and fail to get results.

As a beginner if you focus and apply yourself to following his plan and his schedule you can get very impressive results, check out the video below to not only understand this but to be inspired as well.

Does DDP Yoga Build Muscle?

The benefits to Yoga frequently skip by building strength and muscle mass but with any form of physical exercise and exertion you can build strength and endurance.

Now natural movements and supporting of your own weight will not give you a jacked bodybuilder look and if that is what you are looking for you would want to look at getting weights like the Rogue Crossfit Alpha Workout set so you can lift big and heavy.

How Many Calories Does DDP Yoga Burn?

When you check out Yoga calories burned it appears to be in the range of 300-400 calories burned per hour for a 180 lbs man during a Yoga workout.

DDP Yoga has more included than just a standard Yoga program.

DDP Yoga lists no actual table that I can find as to measured caloric burn so you would be better served wearing a heart rate monitor to get a better understanding of you as a unique person as each person is a little different and generalizations don’t get results.

Does DDP Yoga Help Back Pain?

This whole program started to help Diamond Dallas Page with his back pain issues, he has been able to regain flexibility and reduce his own back pain to allow himself to wrestle so it must be assistive at least.

There is no medical studies that I could find to vouch for this so it is on the back of individuals reporting.

As you will see though in the videos many people have debilitating mobility issues which were helped by weight loss and the use of Yoga to help them build up their bodies.

DDP Yoga Results That Speak For Themselves

Wow, there have been some powerful results shown with the DDP Yoga system that may help you understand the power of applying yourself with a low-impact program that doesn’t cause injuries that delay the process.

Vance Transformation

Jared Transformation

How Does DDP Yoga Compare to Pole Fitness in Terms of Non-Impact Exercise?

DDP Yoga and pole fitness versus pole dancing differences lie in the realm of non-impact exercise. While DDP Yoga focuses on low-impact movements, using dynamic resistance and strength-building techniques, pole fitness incorporates acrobatic elements alongside dance movements. Both offer unique fitness benefits and cater to different preferences, providing individuals with a wide range of non-impact exercise options.

Final Thoughts on DDP Yoga

I never thought of yoga as a thing people did to gain strength and get fit, I always more envisioned the health and wellness along with stretching being viable to increase your lifespan.

What I have found in the review videos from these people along with users feedback online is that many people have gained their lives back from doing the DDP Yoga plan, this is empowering as we have a society slowly consuming themselves into early graves.

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