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Are you looking for a gym to enroll and proceed with the workouts? Then Blink Fitness and Planet Fitness would be two of the most prominent options that you will come across. Selecting a gym out of these two options to enroll can be quite an overwhelming thing to do.

However, you must have heard people saying that Blink Fitness is much better when compared to Planet Fitness? Is that true? Let’s deep dive into the facts and figure out the truth.

Is Blink Fitness better than Planet Fitness? If you are looking for a more “elite” level gym with more equipment and no “lunk alarm” then Blink Fitness is possibly the most perfect gym. Their costs are comparable but if you prefer free weights and deadlifts then Blink is the better choice.

Planet Fitness started becoming popular back in the year 1992. People in all parts of the country embraced it. In fact, Planet Fitness was a clean and a cheap health club available for the people to visit and engage with their workouts. They also found it as a convenient experience to engage with workouts available at Planet Fitness.

However, some other companies came up after that and started giving a stiff competition to Planet Fitness. Blink Fitness is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

In fact, Blink Fitness started promoting their health clubs in a different way. They promoted that they health clubs are an elite option available for the people to engage with their workouts.

This branding helped Blink Fitness to grab a large number of people who have enrolled with Planet Fitness.

Strong man deadlifts a lot of weight (Not Possible at Planet Fitness)

What is Planet Fitness?

As mentioned earlier, Planet Fitness started the concept of convenience gym back in the year 1992. You will be able to get the opportunity to have a no-frills working out experience at Planet Fitness.

They offer membership plans to suit anyone’s budget as well. Even though you are spending a cheaper price to have your membership in Planet Fitness, you will be getting a welcoming, simple and clean environment to engage with workouts.

You can discover all the equipment that you need in Planet Fitness as well.

However, it is important to note that the number of extras available to you with Planet Fitness is quite limited. For example, you will not be getting group fitness classes and swimming pools with the membership fee that you pay at Planet Fitness.

However, all the features that you are expecting to get as a professional on a budget or as a busy parent are available at Planet Fitness. You can find Planet Fitness in more than 1,000 different locations around the country as well.

What is Blink Fitness?

Blink Fitness is managed by Equinox. If you are looking forward to visit a high end gym and a health club, Blink Fitness is a good option available to consider. They are targeting people who wish to pay more and get elite experiences with their workouts.

It is true that Blink Fitness was created upon the inspiration of Planet Fitness. However, Blink Fitness is more of a luxurious and a convenient gym.

This doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune to get a membership in Blink Fitness. A large number of amenities and frills are available to you. They provide worthy returns for the amount of money that you spend.

Blink Fitness is a great option available for all the newbies. That’s because you can get yourself comfortable with workouts without going through a lot of struggle. You will appreciate the experience that Blink Fitness will deliver as a newbie.

Is Blink Fitness Better Than Planet Fitness?

Let’s take a look at some of the key areas of these gyms and analyze them. Based on this analysis, you will be able to figure out answers to the question.


You will have to spend $15 per month to obtain your membership in Blink Fitness and keep it. However, you will only be able to access a gym in one location that you select.

There are two additional pricing plans which are marked at $21 per month and $26 per month respectively. These plans will provide you with the opportunity to gain access to extra locations.

Moreover, you will be able to get additional services such as dedicated locker rooms and toiletries. You can also subscribe for an annual subscription at Blink Fitness, which is marked at $49 per year.

The monthly subscription fee at Planet Fitness is just $10 per month. However, you will be provided with the chance to work out only in a single location.

If you want to get multiple location access, you will have to pay $20. The startup cost would vary based on your gym. If you are concerned about the price, Planet Fitness will be the cheaper option available.

Opening Hours

Planet Fitness is open throughout 24 hours of the day in most of the locations. If you can only find time for your workouts at the night time, this will be a good option available to consider.

However, Blink Fitness is not open throughout 24 hours like that. The opening hours would vary among days of the week as well. For example, it is open from Monday to Thursday from 5 am in the morning till 11 pm in the evening.

On Fridays, Blink Fitness will be open until 10pm. However, the opening hours will be shifted from 7 am to 7 pm during the weekends.

Availability of Equipment

At the time of selecting a gym, you should pay a lot of attention towards availability of equipment. They will provide you with the opportunity to have a fine workout experience.

Blink Fitness offers almost all the equipment that you would expect to find in a gym. In other words, you can discover more than 50 different equipment for strength training and more than 80 different equipment for cardio training.

However, the equipment availability at Planet Fitness is not that impressive. It is possible to find all the basic strength training equipment and cardio training equipment.

However, you cannot expect to locate any Olympic barbells or weights. On the other hand, the dumbbell selection at Planet Fitness is not that great as well. You will not be able to find any dumbbells that are too heavy.

Fitness Classes

You cannot find any group fitness classes available at Blink Fitness. However, you will be able to get a 30-minute training session, where you can make yourself familiar with the equipment. If you wish to get personal training at Blink Fitness, you will have to make a payment.

You cannot discover any group fitness classes at Planet Fitness as well. However, the newbies will be able to get a quite decent course, where you will be able to learn more about workouts and machines that are available in the gym.

Final Thoughts on Is Blink Fitness better than Planet Fitness

As you can see, experiences and facilities offered by Planet Fitness and Blink Fitness are quite different. If you are interested in getting a better workout experience and better facilities, you should think about visiting Blink Fitness.

However, you will have to spend more money on the membership at Blink Fitness. If you are extremely conscious about your budget, Planet Fitness will be a good option available. It is the best option available for all the night owls, who wish to engage with workouts at midnight.

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