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There are many places you can go to work on the figure you desire, with the most obvious place being the nearest gym. That’s when you get interested in some of the larger gym chains that may be all around you, especially more popular ones like Planet Fitness. Many first-time gym-goers prefer to go to Planet Fitness but figuring out why can be a challenge.

Planet Fitness is a large international chain of gyms that has millions of clients that enjoy the ability to walk into almost any branch, have the same equipment, and be able to enjoy similar environments at each location.

Each location will have a few changes as well, none more drastically different than those that are next to the ocean and those on the mainland.

Knowing what the differences are of the locations, what the overall packages will allow you to do, and how much the rules of the gym will affect your training routines should help you save a lot of time.

There are downsides to gyms like Planet Fitness as well, like the different levels of access, spikes in pricing, and the contractual nature of the chain. 

Before you join the closest Planet Fitness you should think it through with all this information fresh in your mind!

What Are the Benefits of Joining Planet Fitness?

There are always benefits to joining the closest gym you have, but Planet Fitness offers a larger variety than just getting healthier.

With each gym out there you can get some of the same things, but at a large chain like Planet Fitness you get several more benefits that few other gyms could ever give. 


All Planet Fitness chains in countries share a central system for registering, which means that if you register at your local branch you will be able to access almost any other branch

Depending on your subscription level you will get more than just access to the gym though, there are many perks that you can gain access to at Planet Fitness. 

One of the things you need to consider is that not every branch of Planet Fitness is the same and when you go on vacation it may be well worth a visit to any that you see there.

Some gyms will have pools, while others have a full sauna. If you are subscribed at the top level that the chain offers you may even be able to get free massages and other perks.


Every Planet Fitness will have more or less the same equipment, there is no way of saying it differently. If you move to a new city or even a new country, you can safely depend on the chain to offer you access to all the training equipment that you’ve always used. 

Further, you will be able to rely on the equipment always being in good repair as the branches always repair or replace the equipment that may get old.

Having access to high-quality equipment at all times can easily make your gym journey so much easier.


One of the things you will always have to keep an eye on is the discounts that you can get through Planet Fitness.

Due to their company being so large you can find ways to get discounts through medical, being a student, or even just specials through the seasons. 

These discounts can mean paying almost nothing to the gym and exercise every single day for months on end. Many people are rightfully lured into becoming a Planet Fitness member by these discounts.

The allure of paying almost nothing to access a gym that is several times larger than anything else that is only local. 


One of the things few people realize early on about the world of joining Planet Fitness is the number of friends you can make while exercising, but also the benefits you can give to your friends.

Most Planet Fitness packages that you can join will allow you to bring a friend with you when you go exercise. 

This allows you to easily enjoy having some fun while exercising to become the Adonis or Aphrodite that you wish to become. While you’re doing this you can also enjoy becoming friends with the other people that are enjoying the gym, which will motivate you to train even harder. 


There are always personal trainers running around any gym space, but Planet Fitness has the increased advantage of having trainers around that will give you advice.

These trainers will happily show you new techniques and if you have the right membership status work with you to make a tailor-made exercise routine.

Few other gyms have this ability and training with the right techniques and routines will mean you do not have to worry about ineffective training or focusing on parts of your body that won’t deliver results. 

What are the disadvantages of joining a chain like Planet Fitness?

The advantages are amazing but there are always disadvantages to something that sounds too good to be true. Planet Fitness is no different and you will need to know what these are before you ever join the gym, as learning these when you have already signed the contract can be quite costly. 


While the equipment at Planet Fitness is always the best of the best, they need to be repaired more often than you would think. Other people use the equipment that you are using and while at smaller gyms you would get to know the other patrons you won’t learn everyone’s names at Planet Fitness. 

This becomes a problem when someone does not know of the proper gym etiquette, leaving weights strewn around the world or not cleaning their sweat off the equipment.

Sharing is not always the best thing to do while at a gym, sometimes you want to know that the last person that used a piece of equipment kept it clean. 


Planet Fitness is almost everywhere and during certain parts of the day and the year they become a lot more active than any other gym. The rush hour for a gym is probably one of the worst things on earth, making a simple one-hour session of training suddenly stretching into a two-hour session. 

Having to wait for a piece of equipment can be quite painful and will stop the flow of the training session you are enjoying. Many first-time gym-goers will be severely discouraged by this, having to wait for anything from the running machine to the showers. 


Smaller gyms that are run with a bunch of friends usually have a lot of laxer rules and the punishments can be quite light. However, Planet Fitness does not have this, usually having stricter rules and punishing quite severely when you break them. 

The rules for Planet Fitness are usually broader as well, allowing the staff of each branch to interpret them in their way. Forcing you to relearn the rules at each new location you go to so that you won’t break the rules that they have applied. 

Access Levels

While access is one of the main things that Planet Fitness gives you it can also be extremely limiting, with few contracts giving you the same levels of access. This means that one tag does not always mean you can do everything available inside the gym space. 

Some of the most frustrating things that can happen when going to a gym is being told to use a piece of equipment in a training program only to find that it is locked behind an area you cannot use. 


While everything about Planet Fitness is giving you easy access to things you would usually not be able to access there is a big disadvantage to this.

No Planet Fitness will allow you to join the gym without first having signed a contract, each one taking a piece of money out of your bank account every month. 

If you are going every single day then this is a negligible amount you are spending to get access to a full gym. However, if you are on vacation, or a medical condition is stopping you from going to the gym you will still be charged your monthly dues. 

Final Thoughts on is Planet Fitness a Good Gym

There are many reasons that you should join a gym and being healthy and fit will only benefit you for life. However, knowing which gym to join and when to join them will always be important, just be sure that the gym you are joining has everything that you could ever need in them. 

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