What is a Muscle Mass Gainer Shake? The Role of Supplements





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Building muscle is easy for some and harder for others. For some people, it seems like an impossible task. It does not matter how much they train and how much they eat, muscle mass seems to avoid them at all costs. So, they start looking towards supplements, in this case, Muscle Mass Gainer but what is it and what does it do?

Muscle Mass Gainer is a supplement that contains certain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. It is designed to assist you in gaining muscle by supplying your body with all the relevant nutrients. It can come as a pre-made shake or as a powder that you have to mix yourself.

If you are asking the question, I can assume that you are looking to build muscle and as such, are looking to buy supplements. I never recommend just spending your money on supplements without first knowing what they do and which is right for you.

In this article, we will be covering all of that and more, so, keep reading.

What Are Supplements and What Do They Do

Supplements are a set of products that contain all the nutrients our body needs. They can be optimized for different body types and for different situations. All supplements are developed differently for people who are trying to achieve different results

Some supplements can be taken before your workout so that the nutrients can be delivered to your body while you are training or in the case of pre-workout, they can give you energy for your workout. This is so that you don’t burn yourself out and so that you can get the most out of your workouts

You get supplements that help burn fat, you get some that help build lean muscle or help you bulk up. You get some that give you energy and finally, you get some that assist your recovery process. That was just a broad view of some supplement types.

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Muscle Mass Gainer: What is it

Muscle Mass Gainer is a supplement that has high quantities of proteins, carbohydrates, and various other nutrients. The supplement is used by normal gym-goers and bodybuilders during bulking season. To understand what the product can do for you, we need to take a look at what is inside.

Muscle Mass Gainer: What is in it

Mass Gainers will many times have 3 different types of protein. Each protein acts differently and we will get to that in a minute. As with the protein, it has 3 different types of carbohydrates. Again, each has its own benefits.

The Protein and carbohydrate variants are all concentrated and that’s what makes the product so efficient at helping people achieve their desired results.

Muscle mass gainer protein

Protein is absorbed by the muscles. It is what fuels them and helps with recovery.

  • Soy Protein
  • Casein Protein
  • Whey Protein

Soy Protein is a mid-level protein and is often used by vegetarians. The protein is also in the middle as to how long it takes to be absorbed into the muscle.

Casein Protein is a dairy-based protein that gets absorbed into the muscles at a slow rate.

Whey Protein is the most popular protein on this list. It is considered to be the most important, some products label themselves as “whey protein”. It is a fast-acting protein that gets absorbed into the muscle very fast. For this reason, it can be taken just before or just after training.

Muscle Mass Gainer Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates (carbs) is what fuels our body. It keeps us running. It is the human’s source of energy. It is also what puts mass onto our body through the build-up of fluids and sugars. Most of the carbs in this list can be very unhealthy if consumed too much and without training.

  • Fructose
  • Dextrose
  • Maltodextrin

Fructose is a sugar that is most commonly found in fruit. It does not provide much substance other than giving us energy.

Dextrose is corn sugar. It provides energy and promotes the build-up of fluids in our body. It is also used in medicine.

Maltodextrin is a powder made from starch. It is what adds texture to the product. It also provides energy through starch. It is stored as fat in our bodies and that’s why it also helps with building mass.

What Is Muscle Mass

Well, we need to know what mass is. Mass is the property of a physical body. It does not mean “the size of something” it just means “how much stuff is in something”.

To put it simply, muscle mass is the weight of the muscles in your body, it is nothing more than that. The bigger your muscles are, the more mass it has.

Is mass gainer good for building muscle?

Mass gainer will assist you in building muscle. You still have to put in the work. It is unfortunate but there is no magic supplement or steroid that can build your muscles without training.

That being said, it does a very good job of aiding the development of muscle growth. We discussed the nutrients that it contains and when those nutrients are concentrated, they are easily absorbed by our muscles.

What can you mix Muscle Mass Gainer with

Sometimes bulking up can take a long time and drinking the same Mass Gainer every day can seem boring. It does not have to be. You can mix Mass Gainer with just about anything but I obviously recommend staying healthy.

Purists will insist that you don’t mix your Mass gainer with anything except milk or water. If you prefer to shake things up, you can mix it with berries and fruit, this will add a nice flavor to it while giving us more nutrients and vitamins.

In terms of milk or water, milk is the best option in my experience. Not just for texture or flavor but also because milk has Whey Protein and other essential vitamins.

Muscle Mass Gainer: The 3 main benefits

As we have indicated, Muscle Mass Gainer benefits our bodies by assisting in muscle growth. There is more to it though. These are the 3 main benefits of Muscle Mass Gainer:

  1. The high quantity of calories will eliminate the worry of whether you have consumed enough calories for the day.
  1. Helps your muscle through the recovery process which is ultimately how you build muscle.
  1. As a supplement, it is the most natural way to assist your muscles in growing.

Should you take Mass Gainer everyday

So, now you have your Muscle Mass Gainer and you have been training. You might be wondering whether or not you should be taking it every day. Well, I have an answer for you.

I recommend that you should only take Muscle Mass Gainer when you are bulking up. If you are on a long bulk, give the Muscle Mass Gainer a 1 or 2-week break at least every 2 months.

As we mentioned when we spoke about the carbs that are in the product, some of them are not very healthy for you. The high sugar content in the Fructose and the Dextrose can cause some of these symptoms:

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Too much can lead to fatigue

As you can see, those symptoms are actually pretty severe but they will only happen if you abuse the product. Taking a short break during your bulking season will definitely help. If you need reassurance or are worried, speak to your doctor.

Does Mass Gainer cause hair loss?

Supplements and steroids often get blamed for certain side effects. So, anyone who is searching for answers might be overwhelmed by what they find online. I will give you a simple answer. Does Mass Gainer cause hair loss?

In my experience, supplements don’t normally cause side effects, they can accelerate pre-existing conditions though. If you are prone to Acne, some supplements can cause Acne to breakout. If you are prone to hair loss, some supplements can accelerate this.

The bottom line is, speak to your local doctor if you are worried about something like that. Otherwise, if you were going to lose your hair anyway, why worry about it?

Who should take Mass Gainer

A lot of people hype up certain products to the point where we think it has to help us, right? That’s not really how it works. You should take the product that will assist you in achieving your personal goals. Let’s take a quick look at who should and should not take Muscle Mass Gainer.

Anyone who is trying to gain pure size/mass should take Muscle Mass Gainer. It is not the best product for cutting fat and/or toning muscle. So, only take Muscle Mass Gainer if you want more size. This is all subjective and comes from years of gym experience.

Bodybuilders will take Muscle Mass Gainer when they need to bulk up and then switch to lean products such as fat burners and Creatine HCL, not Monohydrate when they want to cut the extra weight.

Side Note: Creatine MonoHydrate is used alongside other supplements to grow mass while HCL has similar properties, it is more effective when used to maintain muscle while cutting weight.

Should a skinny guy take Muscle Mass Gainer?

We have all been there before, building muscle for skinny people is the hardest. This is especially true for people who are tall and skinny. Should skinny people use Muscle Mass Gainer (MMG) though?

Muscle Mass Gainer is perfect for skinny or skinny and tall people. Skinny people tend to find it more difficult than stocky people to put on muscle so the Mass Gainer is recommended to those body types.

While this is true, I need to emphasize that you will still need to train while taking the supplement.

Will Muscle Mass Gainer give you a belly

As you have seen, some of the ingredients in the product are there to give you energy, mostly in the form of sugar. Unless you are able to use up all of that energy through your workouts, the sugars will be stored as fats in your body.

This can definitely give you a belly but as long as you train properly, this will be minimal. When bodybuilders or regular gym-goers bulk up, there will always be some excess weight gain. This is why you should cut as soon as you are finished bulking if you want to have definition.

If it is just the size that you want, cutting is not important.

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Which is better: Whey Protein or Mass Gainer

Ok, so it is time for a little comparison. You will always hear this debate in the gyms but you won’t really hear it from bodybuilders , why? Because they know that the two can be completely different.

Muscle Mass Gainer is for putting on mass and muscle. Whey Protein can be used for putting on mass and muscle or putting on muscle while cutting fat. Both contain Whey Protein but they can produce different results.

I think it is important for us to take a look at these two similar but different supplements in more detail.

Whey Protein: What is it

This form of Protein is found in milk. To make the weigh Protein Shake or edible, the protein is extracted from milk and then concentrated. It then becomes a key ingredient in the Whey Protein Supplement.

Whey Protein: Who should take it

In this section, we will discuss who should take Whey Protein and it will help in explaining the difference between this supplement and Muscle Mass Gainer.

Whey Protein supplements have different products for different results. You could have two shakes next to each other both containing the ingredient. One shake could contain carbs which would make it more similar to MMG. It could even be labeled as MMG. The other shake could be lean and contain little to no carbs at all.

If you want to build or maintain muscle but not put on weight, maybe even shed weight. A lean Whey Protein supplement is your go-to solution.

Massclue Mass Gainer

We have already discussed this product. To keep it short, it also contains Whey Protein but is specifically built for gaining mass.

Muscle Mass Gainer VS Whey Protein: The verdict

You cannot compare the two. What you can do is recommend one over the other, depending on what your goals are. Whey Protein products can be used if you are either trying to build mass or shed weight. It will help develop and/or maintain your muscles in either case.

What is the best protein for muscle gain?

Whey Protein and Casein Protein are the two most efficient forms of protein for building muscle.

What is the best supplement for gaining muscle?

You might be considering other products and this is a good thing. Your training, diet, and supplement intake is personal to you. With that said, you need to find what works for you. We can only assist with advice that comes from years of experience.

I will be adding a little list of supplements that I recommend. This will be for gaining muscle and building mass. Below the list, I will write a brief paragraph about each. This should indicate why I chose them.

  • Muscle Mass Gainer
  • Preworkout
  • Creatine MonoHydrate (powder form is best)


With Pre-workout, you take it as the name suggests, just before your workout. It is designed to enhance your stamina and energy . It does this with its high energy ingredients, these ingredients include:

  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Taurine

Beta-Alanine: What is it and what does it do?

It is a naturally produced Amino acid and as with all amino acids, they work together to enhance performance, speed up recovery, and help with your overall health. Although it is found naturally within the body, the concentrated ingredient will help replenish your natural Beta-alanine.


Taking Taurine based supplements helps boost strength.

Creatine Monohydrate

This is a favorite amongst people who are trying to bulk up and/or maintain size. I recommend using the powder version. The general consensus is that you should take Creatine within 30 minutes before or after a workout. I recommend taking it before as it gives you a boost in strength.

Creatine is actually naturally produced by the body. It helps stimulate you not only physically but also mentally.


So this supplement might slip under the radar when it comes to fitness advice. For me though, it is very important for the recovery of your muscles.

I am talking about the supplement, not the steroid. HGH stands for “Human Growth Hormone”. I know that makes it sound a little bit intimidating, but, let me explain what it does.

HGH, as the name says is a growth hormone. This hormone becomes less and less present in our bodies as we age. Taking the supplement will replenish these dwindling hormones.

Now, it won’t make you grow taller but it will help with a lot of aging problems. Here is a small list of HGH benefits:

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Build Mass
  • Increase strength
  • Assist the recovery process

HGH should be taken just before bed, I normally get a slight tingle in my legs when I do, but, that lets me know that it is working.

As I said, this one normally slips under the radar but you should definitely speak to your supplement supplier about it.

How you can bulk fast

Everyone knows that to bulk, you use heavier weights and do fewer reps per set. There are a few other things that you can do to maximize efficiency. Start by taking the list of supplements mentioned above.

Build a routine, stick to it. Eat foods that contain a good amount of carbs while still being at least somewhat healthy. Do exercises like deadlifts and squats. Get enough sleep.

Build a routine

We live in a fast-paced world. Work and family are normally our first priorities, for good reason of course. That makes building a routine pretty difficult and it will get worse as the job market becomes more competitive. That being said a routine is important.

You want to gym at the same time of the day and on the same days of the week. Let me explain why I recommend this. Our body is constantly adapting to its environment and once you develop a habit or routine, it adapts to that. An example would be a sleep schedule. If you wake up at the same time every day, soon you will be doing it without an alarm.

It is the same as going to the gym. Your body eventually knows that, at a certain time of a certain day, it is gym time.

You should not, however, stick to a workout routine in the gym. You need to switch it up a bit or you will start getting fewer gains. Again, this is because your body adapts to the routine.

Get enough sleep

Have you ever wondered why, after a day of intense activity, you feel relatively fine until you go to sleep and then wake up? This is because something happens in our bodies when we sleep. Let’s get into it.

Sleep is extremely important, it isn’t just about “waking up feeling fresh”, yes that is important for energy levels. Most of our muscle recovery happens when we sleep. You want your muscles to recover and grow as much as possible during your sleep so get enough of it.

The recovery process that happens in our sleep is the reason why you might feel fine after a long day until you go to sleep and then wake up.

Eat properly

You need to have a high-calorie diet if you are trying to bulk up. That does not mean you should go out and eat pies, pizzas, and burgers. These are some of the foods I recommend for bulking up:

  • Brown Rice
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Beans
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal

Using those types of foods for your meals is the best way to bulk, especially if you cook it clean. For snacks, I usually recommend nuts and fruits.

Now, some people can get away with doing a dirty bulk but I do not like it. A dirty bulk is when you use foods like Pizzas and Pies to bulk. There is nothing wrong with having a maxed out toppings triple-decker Pizza now and then but don’t use it as a bulking food.

The exercise: Target the right muscles

Train all the muscle groups that you normally train but show more emphasis on your bigger muscle groups. This is where exercises like squats and deadlifts are so important.

I want you to think about the muscles in the human body. What are the biggest muscles? Your Thighs, Shoulder area, your back and the biggest is the Gluteus Maximus, your bum.

Almost all of these larger muscles can be trained by doing Squats and deadlifts. You also need to be doing Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Lat exercises. Include these workouts into your usual routine and focus on them.

Final Thoughts on What is Muscle Mass Gainer Used For

Well, that’s pretty much it. This was a very extensive article and its goal was to give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision about Muscle Mass Gainer.

We spoke about what it is, what it does, how it helps build mass and muscle and we also spoke about who should take it. At the end of the day, that answer is pretty simple. Anyone who wants to get bigger and have stronger/bigger muscles should take the Gainer.

We spoke about the most effective way of bulking up and the conclusion to that is, Eat properly, get enough sleep, build a routine, and take the right supplements.

As always, if you are unsure of something, always speak to your doctor.

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