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With the issues getting into gyms recently there has been a growth again in looking into fitness options from home, including DVD and streaming. All of these options have a goal of helping you become motivated to get fit without the issues of being in a gym in front of others.

They want you to be able to work harder than you may if people were watching allowing you the comfort of being at home without a crowd. This may lead you to wondering if anyone ever does use these videos and do home fitness DVDs work?

For many a home fitness DVD or streaming option will be a perfect combo to getting results in the short term, as many are 30-90 days. Look on YouTube and television and you will see programs like P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, and others provide AMAZING results for those who go all in.

Maintaining this and gaining more results is going to be where your personal discipline and dedication will come into play. What you need to do is realize this is a long term journey and not be discouraged if you aren’t rock solid by the completion of your program.

This doesn’t mean that they are all good there are also many reasons why the choice of fitness DVDs will do more harm than good. Understanding why can help you make the right choice in your journey to health and wellness from home.

The sheer amount of misinformation that surrounds getting fit and the challenges that come with doing the right thing every time makes first time exercisers feel like they’re running in a hamster wheel.

Here’s how to get fit, using the fitness DVDs along with finding your perfect at home routine to get your body ready for the beach, or just a cozy cuddle.

Why DVDs Are Helpful and Provide Results

There are many reasons why a fitness program from a high quality business like Beachbody can help you get results. I personally can’t speak to the cheap alternative versions that are from places like Amazon but have about 10 Beachbody programs that I have loved!

Motivational Coaching

This is where Beachbody hit a homerun through finding people as fitness trainers that actually have personalities, this makes them pull you in and feel a part of the actual on screen workouts and not a third wheel.

These include trainers like Tony Horton of P90X fame, Shaun T of Insanity, Sagi Kalev with his Body Beast, and Chalene Johnson with TurboFire and PiYo.

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Each of these trainers bring different motivational responses and very different attitudes and approaches to their programs that feel motivational and not cruel or mean spirited.

Unique Workouts and Plans

Each DVD from these home fitness creators will come with a unique workout plan dialed in around the amount of plan days and the workouts versus off days.

Many may even come with additional plans for if you choose to continue and do another round of the workouts. This can help you to add some variety into the workouts and give them a long life to get the max results possible.

Complete Nutritional Guides

Speaking from experience, the guides you get from Beachbody are sometimes up to 50+ pages and really dive into phases of the workout plans and how your nutrition needs to match up to them.

I haven’t seen a workout set on DVD that hasn’t included their nutrition plan as this shows their skill at getting you actual results, if your nutrition isn’t on point you won’t get results.

Why DVDs Give Bad Results

At the beginning of the workout VHS and then DVD trend from the 80s to early 90s the workouts were very rough and more or less just about movement in general. They were not able to give very excellent results as they never really were building fitness but more about creating cardio sweat.

If you choose the less expensive options for DVD fitness you face issues related to the quality of the trainer they hire (inexpensive) along with poor dialogue coaches that assume a lot about the person working out.

This can be very demotivational and why I am OPPOSED to low cost solutions because they are about taking money from you not helping you. Many cheap brands have been recognized as problematic due to some demotivational speech, pinnacle of fit bodies, and no real interactivity.

Demotivational Speech

While certain situation can certainly make you feel better and more focused with tough love and other slightly non motivational speech patterns.

However, if you are unfit and trying your best the last thing you will ever need to hear is someone wearing revealing clothing, that looks great, saying that you need to work harder to lose that body fat.

This has shown that many people give up long before the exercise has added any benefits to their lives. Which is one of the main reasons that these DVDs do not work for getting fit, being unmotivated because of the tool that you are using to get fit will never get you to reach your goals.

Pinnacle Fitness Level Trainers

You may not think about this at all if you are a man, however, the people used in fitness DVDs are not at all shaped in such a way that is obtainable if you are just starting out your fitness journey.

Even some top athletes have trouble keeping up with some of the exercises that are being done on screen. However, the male trainers, if they are even present, are clothed properly and men are much less susceptible to being demotivated by seeing someone else being fit.

Unfortunately, the women on these DVDs are not so shy, usually wearing revealing clothes or just tight form fitting clothes. Research has shown that this can cause many people that want to start exercising using these DVDs to quickly lose their motivation.

This is because it looks almost impossible to reach the body shapes that are being presented, even when the fitness DVD is not aimed at reaching that body type.

Not Really Interactive

While in their early days these DVDs were revolutionary because they let fitness enter the homes of millions of people around the world for the first time.

However, as time went on people quickly realized that these videos are not always effective. If you bought one you could simply never use it and on repeat watches the training would become dull and repetitive.

It was also impossible to interact with the ‘trainer” which meant that you could end up doing something wrong during your exercise and never know.

This would lead to damage and muscles that could not heal properly. Which is how many people ended up, unable and unwilling to continue their exercise routines.

Alternatives to Fitness DVDs

Luckily, we continue to move forward and are no longer locked in to only having access to fitness or exercise DVDs. With the increasing abilities of internet speeds we are now able to take things online and carry them with us.

Over the years research and studies have shown that there are many alternatives that are just as viable but may also deliver similar or even better results than home DVDs ever could.

These are split between finding streaming workouts, joining communities, having live training, or even virtual trainers.

Streaming Workouts

Streaming is the next huge fitness trend exploding in popularity as we get faster and faster internet along with mobile devices that are high resolution and able to showcase these videos in amazing detail.

No long now are you stuck doing websites at home in your living room, now you can take your workout just about anywhere you can use a cell phone as most services even allow downloads to access if you should lose cell reception!

Our Favorite Streaming Services:

In Person Training

No matter what, having someone there to help lead you and your friends through a training exercise will always be the best. This is one of the harder things to accomplish currently with the world and issues occurring today.

A trainer that can see how you’re training is not only going to offer much more positive and confidence building advice but will also adapt to what you are capable of doing.

This will ensure that the proper exercise routine is constantly followed and motivates you to continue training.

Joining Virtual Communities

The amount of ways you can now join others in training has simply skyrocketed, either through just calls, text channels or even video routines.

Many people have reached out within their communities and are much more willing to help you and force you to stay in any new routines that you may need to be a part of.

Being part of an actively, training community will mean that you don’t need to dance alone in the living room, listening to a screen that can’t interact at all.

Interactive Virtual Training Coaches

Sometimes you just want to train alone, or you may not be confident enough to train with others, even through a computer screen.

To solve this there are now many ways, games, or applications, that you can use that will track your workout sessions, give advice where needed and even have you easily adjust routines to be optimal.

Some of these apps have free trial periods that will easily allow you to test them until you find one that you find works perfectly for everything that you may need.

Final Thoughts on Do Home Fitness DVDs Work

Exercise DVDs are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as the online world continues to grow, and new studies are done to see how effective they are.

Becoming fit doesn’t mean you are being broken down, but that you should always be building up towards something better. This will let you improve and become the best person you can possibly become.

Go online, go to friends, or just go to you gym to find not only a more effective community for your fitness goals, but a place where you will be continually built up.

Getting fit is the first step to becoming the best version of yourself, not that there’s ever anything wrong with who you currently are.

Remember, being fit is for yourself and no one else!

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