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About Me

About Me

Hey, my name is Josh, the man behind the vision of this website, Eat Lift Sleep. This is the place where I go out of our my way to create helpful informative posts around health and wellness.

I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out what was my “thing” to get healthy and it has moved from sports like baseball and soccer and over to things like rock climbing and hiking.

I have followed the vegetarian diet, ketogenic diet, atkins diet, carnivore diet, and soooo many others while trying to find the right one that I would be able to follow for a lifetime.

From there I have experience with home workouts from the entire Beachbody range of products P90X through to Body Beast and a few after which were fine but not my final answer.

I then switched over to Mike Mathews and learned a little more about lifting and how nutrition is honestly the place you must place your focus in as you can’t out work a bad diet.

I have tried Atkins, Keto, Carnivore, and so many other diets that yielded short term results. No because they are bad diets but the focus on diet alone made me lose muscle along with body fat, slowly causing me to fail.

This new understanding has led me to this site as I now focus on all three core pillars to high quality health and wellness by building a strong body through a focus on nutrition, fitness, and sleep.

Skipping out or slacking on any one of these will yield poorer results or possibly watch you slide backwards from your current position.

I’m planning to do everything I can along the way like researching, testing, and ultimately reviewing some of the best home workout and home gym equipment on the market.

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