Building Complete Health Through the Three Pillars of Life

Building Your Physical Fitness: Importance to Overall Health

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The term physical fitness is an all-encompassing term that can describe everything from taking a quick walk around the block or spending several hours each day at a gymnasium. Whichever form of fitness you do, the benefits of staying active and regularly getting out of the house, off the chairs, are immeasurable.

What is the Importance of Physical Fitness? Physical fitness is important to prevent diseases such as diabetes, gout, and others as you age, it has been shown to help prevent cancer and other congenital problems from forming as well. This simultaneously makes old age easier and more risk free due to your body being capable of surviving more.

These are just the surface reasons to why physical fitness is healthy for you, not mentioning the added benefit of enjoying a lot longer life and being able to do more.

The types of physical fitness people can experience and should be doing differs for each person, recognizing which ones will benefit you the most is an important step to becoming fit for life.

Here are some tips and tricks to show the importance of being physically fit and making fitness a pillar point of your life.

Healthy and fit body. physical training and active lifestyle - sport fitness and wellness. man exercising in a gym - What is the Importance of Physical Fitness
Healthy and fit body. physical training and active lifestyle

The Steps to Fitness

Becoming fit is easy when you’ve spent your whole life training and getting ready for the next big event, however, with the lifestyles that many office workers live the reality is that few people move.

This means that while you may have been the best runner in high school, over the years you have been sitting, unmoving for almost 8 hours, five days a week.

Getting yourself up and about is a long process and if you do it wrong, you’ll end up either over tired or dreading your periods of physical activity.

Starting Slow

Many people think that it’s easy to get fit, go out and take a run around the block, however this is not how you stay fit. Like eating healthy, it requires more than a momentary spurt of inspiration to change the way we live.

Which is why the importance of physical fitness starts with how you create your routines, what exercises you choose and how you choose to mold your body into its perfect form.

Create a Routine

When you plan to become healthier, doing regular exercise you will regularly be told to go out and take a run, you will see celebrities and other fitness models show you their routines.

You will then be tempted to go out and follow their examples, doing a lot more than you are physically capable of. This will lead to you quitting or giving up long before any difference has been made.

However, this is not the first step to becoming more physically fit, the first step to becoming physically fit for your entire life is to build a routine. One that leaves you feeling empty if you don’t follow it.

For people that are mildly unfit this may be as simple as getting in the right clothes and taking a walk, eventually transitioning into running a few kilometers every day.

If you are entirely unfit and need to make a change to your lifestyle to become more active, it can require more motivation in the beginning that you could ever expect.

Joining a gym and going with a group of friends will be more pattern inducing than anything else. Building the routine to just visit the gym even if the only thing you are doing is to go sit in the steam room will enable you to add more exercise more easily.

Once you have the routine of some exercise being done ready and practiced you should figure out what kind of exercise will work best for you and your body.

Types of Exercise

There are many different types of exercise, each requiring different parts of your body to be strengthened. However, many of these may not be right for you, especially if your body is not used to large amounts of exercise after years of sitting.

You may also have injuries that could flare up if you do something wrong or other hidden conditions that could damage your body permanently.

The thing you will have to learn is the difference between high impact and low impact exercises, where one will put a lot of strain on your joints.

This can be things like running, jumping steps, which all require you to do things fast and have hard impacts with a surface you have.

While low impact exercises can be swimming, bike riding or even rowing, allowing almost no constant impacts.

It is important to know which of these would work best for you, physical fitness requires that you also take care of your body. If this means slowing down and making sure your body can handle the exercises that you do, then you have to do that.

Hard impacts while you are overweight could end up causing permanent damage to joints and muscles.

Your Body Shape

Once you finally have the exercise and routine ready you should focus on what kind of body you want, some people want to simply be fit and have less fat, while others go to more extremes.

The type of body you want will also shape how hard you need to exercise, how frequent and what types of exercises you will need.

Bodybuilders require more intense weight training while gymnasts require more training using their own body weight. If you just want to look fit all you may have to do is to basic training while keeping your muscles toned and ready for anything that you may face out in the world.

Either way, your body shape in the beginning of your fitness journey will not, and should not, be the same as the one you have once you’re fit.

Why Being Fit is Important

Keeping your body in the best shape you can manage it has long term and short-term health benefits that cannot be accurately measured by anyone.

It’s more than keeping diseases and other things at bay, having a body that is ready and active at any moment means that you will always be able to enjoy life just a little more.

Being the right weight means you can go for longer, you can enjoy nights out with friends much easier, or that you can easily enjoy just a long session in front of a computer without worrying.

Even when relaxing being fit means you can walk around vacation locations with more ease, you can try more things and you can easily see the world in new ways.

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Physical Fitness

The benefits of being fit is more than you or anyone else could ever measure, as anyone that takes being fit seriously, you will never reach a point where you’re satisfied.

As long as you’re never overdoing it you will find yourself always improving in some way, finding a new exercise you enjoy more than the previous one, and finding new things to do you can never exercise too much.

Getting the perfect exercising routine going and making sure that you are always doing better, improving yourself is a great way to get your future extended and your present self to have a little more fun.

Being physically fit is the fastest way to having the best life you can have, with the time given on this earth, even if you’re not sure what tomorrow holds.

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