What is the Average Vertical Jump by Age Bracket?




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One thing you may wonder about is where you are compared to the average person your age. Many times this can tell you if you are currently ahead of the curve or if you have even more work to do to catch up to the crowd.

Most people will start to achieve their pinnacle of a vertical jump around their 20’s then slowly lose some of that power and burst over time as they age unless there is time and dedication to maintaining the power.

What is the Average Vertical Jump by Age Bracket?

AgeAverage Vertical
18 to 20 years old19.5 inches
20 to 29 years old20 inches
30 to 39 years old17 inches
40 to 49 years old14 inches
50 to 59 years old11 inches
Average Vertical Leap by Age

As the chart above shows as you grow up you typically gain a higher vertical jump as your muscles reach maturity. After this age though you typically have a slow regression in power and ability.

The goal of most who are looking to gain the highest vertical possible is to get to higher jumps before this pinnacle time and then maintain it through hard work and determination like you get from the Vert Shock program we offer.

If you aren’t interested in a program we do have a free PDF e-book that if available to help you start your journey to a higher jump in 45 minutes. This book is structured more to help you get a jump start on your progress and show the benefits of a program in general.

How to Jump Higher in 45 Minutes – The Workbook

This is now available for you to grab and get started today without waiting for any more information!

We have spend a lot of time making this VERY comprehensive and feedback has been VERY positive.

Hopefully you will see when you check out the ebook above that we offer valuable information aimed specifically at helping you to build ans sustain a high vertical jump into high school and beyond.

What About the Overall Vertical By Sex?

Sometimes there can be very large differences between men and women in the same age range. The table below can help you kind of figure out where you sit based on being adult.

Hopefully if you are interested in the highest jump height you can achieve then you want to know your approximate place and what you need to gain a bigger boost of power.

ScoreMen (in inches)Women (in inches)
ExcellentOver 28Over 24
Very good24 to 2820 to 24
Above average20 to 2416 to 20
Average16 to 2012 to 16
Below average12 to 168 to 12
PoorLess then 12Less than 8
Average Vertical Jump of Men and Women

What is the Average Vertical Jump of Children through High School?

If you are looking to find out where your child ranks among other kids their age this can be a helpful table to understand where they are at. This will help you understand if they are behind, even, or ahead of their peers.

This is not a hard and fast value and as your kid grows taller they may move up or down in their leaping ability. This can be due to their legs getting longer and the muscles needing to compensate.

10 years old10.9 inches
11 years old12.1 inches
12 years old13.3 inches
13 years old14.5 inches
14 years old15.7 inches
15 years old17 inches
16 years old18.2 inches
17 years old19.5 inches
Average Vertical Jump of Children through High School

What you will want to manage with your child is not to press them too much when they are going through growth spurts and instead maybe practice more on the change that will come to their mechanics.

Man jumping with hands up opposite sun with clouds
Man jumping with hands up opposite sun with clouds

How is a Vertical Jump Typically Measured?

While you are trying to get an accurate measurement for yourself there are ways to measure which can give you decent readings for very little cost to more professional rigs which can give you exact measurements like the pros.

Reach Board or a Sliding Scale

The benefits to a reach board are the overall inexpensive nature and ease to use and install. This can give you an easy way to measure but is limited to the space you have to install it as it needs to be mounted high enough for your jump.

Vertical Jump Tester

A vertical jump tester is what is used for professionals who are getting ready to join, you will see them in places like the NFL combine for measuring players performance as a guide for how they may perform in the league for their given position.

What Plays a Role in Vertical Jumping Ability?

While much of your ability to jump higher will be tied to your workouts and strength building there is some things which can impeded or benefit you in your quest for vert!

Genetics Role in Vertical Jumps

While we can’t say genetics limits you it can make it much easier or more difficult to gain or lose strength, body fat, muscle mass, and explosiveness.

The explosiveness is what you need the most to get to the upper echelons of jumping as they can be fast or slow twitch. A vertical jump needs as many fast twitch as possible as this helps you explosively power through the jump up.


According to biology there are 2 genders and they have distinctly different hormone profiles from each other. I know that we have many discussions on what being a “boy” or “girl” but that is not a discussion for here.

Women and men have vastly different ceilings to their ability to jump as the male side “testosterone” allows for larger and stronger muscle levels as opposed to women and the “estrogen” opposite side.

This doesn’t mean that women can’t get to the same level as men but that it will typically be very much more difficult or require exogenous chemicals, I won’t cover here as this isn’t a good choice.

Your Body Type

The longer and leaner you are the more ability to jump you will typically have, the longer limbs help you to build and push with more force for longer to gain more height.

This doesn’t mean if you are short you can’t dunk for example, Spud Webb proved long ago height won’t limit you but just makes it more important for power and form to be on point.

If you are more stocky or short you will have much more to overcome to gain height, don’t let this make you quit, make it drive you to bigger heights!


Most people aren’t born naturally strong, of course there is some who just are genetically gifted to gain power and strength. What you will need to do to counter or beat them is to put in the time and effort training seriously to build strength and skill.


Knowing which sports will help push your athletic abilities to jump can help you get incredibly more impressive without specific training. Sports like football, basketball, volleyball and even cheerleading can require some serious springs to be successful.

Final Thoughts on the Average Vertical Jump by Age Bracket

What you should always do is to build a plan of attack to get to your maximum performance level at your current age. The easiest way is through following a program from start to finish which is why I suggest looking into two of the better ones available in Jump Manual and Vert Shock.

Both of these programs can get you some superior results when you focus and apply yourself on achieving the feat of dunking, high jumping, spiking the ball, and much more. If you want to get explosive then you want to join the Vert Shock nation and start building your explosive power!

We love the Vert Shock system as it offers a vast trove of amazing information, drills, and strategies to jump high fast and it is proven through numerous user testimonials.

They offer a TOTALLY FREE ebook to start learning to jump higher starting today, this minute, delivered to your email so you can start reading and working on your abilities immediately!

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