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  • Choosing Pilates or Yoga: Which Drops the Fat Faster

    If you’re looking for a way to drop your body fat then it is okay to feel confused at times. The sheer number of methods, workouts, and advice available can be overwhelming to choose from at times. If dropping some fat is your priority, then Pilates and yoga are your two effective options. Which eventually […]

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  • Impactful Weight Loss: Yoga or Pilates For Better Results

    When you start being healthy and finding ways of training, you might find yourself looking at either Yoga or Pilates as your daily way of burning off some calories. Both of the groups that use these exercises will want to claim that their training regime is much better than the others. However, you will quickly […]

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  • Is P90X a Good Workout for Beginners? Focus on Home Fitness

    The best time to get fit is right now, which is why many people always start getting fit almost too late for the summer. Getting fit from thin, too much around the belly, or just having a proper body for when the time to walk around in our swimming clothes comes around. One of the […]

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  • What is DDP Yoga? A Non-Impact Approach to Fitness

    Many people see yoga and think its something older people or hippies do but as a fitness option it has only been growing with time. Popularity has grown through things like P90X including Yoga as a core workout to show how they are part of a good balanced fitness approach, DDP Yoga is a full […]

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