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  • What is the Average Vertical Jump by Age Bracket?

    One thing you may wonder about is where you are compared to the average person your age. Many times this can tell you if you are currently ahead of the curve or if you have even more work to do to catch up to the crowd. Most people will start to achieve their pinnacle of […]

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  • How Tall Do You Have to be to Dunk a Basketball?

    Watching someone make an incredible slam dunk is one of those exhilarating sports moments that has the crowd roaring in applause. Few feet are met with such universal applause and awe then an exhilarating basketball game that features a slam dunk. Thus, leading to the question of how tall do you have to be to […]

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  • Why is a Good Vertical Jump Important?

    A high vertical jump is revered in every sport.  Be it a basketball slam-dunk, volleyball spike, soccer header, tennis jump serve, and whatnot, every jaw-dropping move is born out of a high vertical jump. If you are an aspiring athlete, tie your laces tight, as the vertical jump is an important skill for most sports. […]

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  • How to Dunk a Basketball if You Are Short?

    Is basketball only for the tall? Did this thought ever occur to you while staring at the 10-foot rim? Well, there is no denying that being tall helps while kissing the rim. However, there is enough empirical evidence that short players (like yourself) can jump higher and dunk a basketball with the help of proper […]

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  • Powering Up Your Dunks: How to Jump Higher in Basketball

    If you want to improve as a basketball player, the trick could be all in your jump. While this isn’t the only skill that you need to play basketball better, this is an important skill to master. So then, how do you jump higher in basketball? The most effective way to gain jump height is […]

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  • Do I Have a Good Vertical Jump? What is Considered Amazing

    For anyone looking to participate in sports that require powerful legs and jumping the vertical jump is a core need to develop. The vertical jump is also one of the simplest tests of measuring how much power an athlete can generate, so what is considered a good vertical jump? A good vertical jump for a […]

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