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  • Running – Does it Help or Hurt Swimming Fitness?

    If you’re a runner and are eagerly looking for ways to improve your swimming fitness, one question that may be running through your mind is whether or not running will actually help you swim better. In the past, coaches discouraged runners from doing any other aerobic activity besides more running because they believed it would […]

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  • Can You Build Your Muscle Tone Through Swimming?

    Swimming is an excellent exercise that has numerous benefits. It is a low-impact exercise, but it is great for building up a healthy body. Low-impact exercises are good for people who have just started to work out and suitable for people who cannot do an extreme workout. Now, you must be wondering, does swimming build […]

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  • Building Muscle by Swimming: How To Gain Impressive Results

    Swimming is one of the most complete and healthy exercises to perform; they help you build stamina, improve your breathing technique, improves your ability to handle your center of gravity, and make you very agile. Whether you swim alone or you have a coach to spot you, swimming is a wholesome exercise to do, and […]

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  • Swimmo Watch Review: Get Lean, Get Ripped, Get Fit

    Most of us have grown accustomed to the ability our devices have given us to provide feedback and help achieve better results on our land based activities. Unfortunately the water based activities have lagged behind in this ability to track and record results. This all changes with the Swimmo watch as it is built from […]

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  • How Long Do You Need to Swim to Get a Good Workout?

    When you want to get fit many look to weightlifting and cardio workout machines, while this may be a good option for many people one way that is frequently overlooked is real lap swimming workouts. Though swimming may be seen as an enjoyable weekend pastime, learning to swim well and efficiently is an amazing workout […]

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