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  • Running – Does it Help or Hurt Swimming Fitness?

    If you’re a runner and are eagerly looking for ways to improve your swimming fitness, one question that may be running through your mind is whether or not running will actually help you swim better. In the past, coaches discouraged runners from doing any other aerobic activity besides more running because they believed it would […]

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  • Benefits To Endurance Running On A Keto Diet

    There are an amazing amount of benefits that come from endurance running on a keto diet. Keto is extraordinary for the purpose of endurance sports as you can use your body’s fat reserves which helps you avoid the bonk most runners hit on long-distance endurance racing. One of the keys is the ability to access […]

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  • Measuring Run Distance Using a Football Field

    For many of us without access to a gym or to a treadmill at home may only have tracks at schools which encircle the football or similar field. While this may be easy to get to and use you may wonder how many laps around a football field is a mile? For the standard running […]

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  • Is Running After Leg Day A Good Idea? Critical Info to Know

    Leg days are the most challenging days of your workout schedule, growing muscle mass on your legs takes a serious effort and will. If you want the entirety of your body to be covered in healthy muscles, then this area of exercise you can’t ignore. Is running after leg day a good idea? Your results […]

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  • Who Are The Rarámuri And The Tarahumara?

    The Tarahumara call themselves the Rarámuri, or those who run fast. They are renowned for their long-distance running prowess, frequently smiling when others frown.

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  • How Long Should I Run: What is the Optimal Miles For Fitness

    For a beginner trying to understand how long should I run is a challenging question as you have no guide other than seeing runners outside. Most of us are too worried to look at speaking with a fitness coach prior, today we will dive into what is a good strategy for a beginner to use to start and move on a path towards complete health.

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