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  • Do I Have a Good Vertical Jump? What is Considered Amazing

    For anyone looking to participate in sports that require powerful legs and jumping the vertical jump is a core need to develop. The vertical jump is also one of the simplest tests of measuring how much power an athlete can generate, so what is considered a good vertical jump? A good vertical jump for a […]

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  • Building a Vertical Jump With Explosiveness and Power

    For many parents of athletes who weren’t also athletes you start to learn all these measurements that you didn’t know were important prior. The only time I had ever heard anything about a “vertical” was when watching the NFL combine, well there is more to it! What does vertical jump mean? A vertical jump is […]

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  • Why the Vertical Jump Test Drives Sports Measurements

    The vertical jump test is really an important piece to determining the strength and power of your lower body. Whether you want to improve your vertical jump height or are just looking to get stronger overall. The vertical jump test is a standard test that you will have to undergo. By reading on, you can […]

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