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  • What Is The Ideal Ketosis Level For Weight Loss?

    In growing and learning over the last year of my ketogenic diet I have learned some valuable lessons. One of the primary lessons I learned is that there is no “ideal” level of ketosis for weight loss, muscle gain or any other reason. The ketosis level as told to you by urine strips, ketone blood […]

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  • Can You Increase Serotonin on Keto?

    There are many reasons why people might choose to go on a diet. One of the most common reasons is for weight management, more specifically, weight loss. However, this is not the only reason to go on a diet. Some diets have been shown to improve mental health, as well as physical health. As the […]

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  • Common Keto Mistakes And Fails from Losing Your Focus

    In the beginning of a change to a ketogenic way of life and nutrition many make mistakes or see things as failures that are just do to a lack of clear details and understanding. I intend to help with some of these below to ensure you are working from a position of knowledge. So what […]

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  • 7 Best Travel Friendly Keto Snacks (Hiking, Biking, Flying)

    If you are like me traveling can be the hardest time to eat good. This is seen as an opportunity to indulge in all the foods since you’re “away from home”. This is what leads you to an overwhelming intake, then the feelings of sickness and bloat which invariably make the trip less fun overall. […]

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  • Common Keto Diet Approaches: Strict, Dirty, Lazy and More

    There are many approaches to diet online, we have all seen them year after year. What many don’t seem to understand is that their are so many approaches on a ketogenic diet depending on the group you find. Not all of these approaches will yield fast or quality results in your path. I break each […]

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  • How Do You Prevent A Keto Rash Breakout? Food Choice Matters

    The “Keto Rash” is described by many on a ketogenic diet and lifestyle, but unlike keto flu and other early-onset issues with a dietary change, the keto rash tends to appear months in or at sporadic times. This has led many to try to find out what is the root of the issue, many have […]

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