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  • How to Burn Calories Fast at Home Without Equipment

    We all live busy lives and making time to go to the gym may not be an option for some — especially with expensive membership fees, crowded work out areas, and shared germ-ridden equipment. Many have opted to explore ways to burn calories at home with no gym equipment needed. The phrase, at-home workout, is […]

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  • Building Peak Physical Fitness Through Bodyweight Training

    Most people believe that you can build big muscles only by lifting big weights at the gym. Lifting weights certainly builds muscles but bodyweight training has its perks. If you don’t want to go to the gym regularly, the question “Is bodyweight training as effective as weight training?” may have popped up in your head. […]

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  • How to Build Physical Fitness at Home Without Equipment

    The gym doesn’t always sound like the best idea if you don’t want expensive memberships or can’t find the most convenient one. And buying heavy equipment to build a home gym is super expensive as well and many can’t afford to do that. So, how to get fit at home without equipment then you may […]

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  • How Many Pushups Should a Beginner Do? Improving My Results

    For most looking to add a physical activity and garner results and not just pass some time knowing a number to work to or grow to can help with motivation. For me this is knowing the number to do, whether as reps, time, or similar to make sure I have a measurable also for progress. […]

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  • Bulking At Home Without Equipment: How To Build Strength

    After the recent COVID-19 pandemic, most gyms have been closed because of the viral threat; as a result, most fitness freaks are unable to visit a gym and can’t take care of their body in the same way they used to do before the pandemic. Many people happen to have various kinds of gym equipment […]

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  • Is Calisthenics Better Than Weightlifting for Fitness?

    Whether you are trying to lose weight or bulk up, one strong method is strength training. But digging further into it, you’ll find one of the biggest debates in health: calisthenics vs weights. But today, I’m going to be putting that question to rest once and for all. So, is calisthenics better than weightlifting? Calisthenics […]

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