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Pilates is one of the most popular modern exercise routines out there. It’s accessible, doesn’t require much equipment and is an excellent form of workout for people of all ages and body types.

Now, if you are struggling with losing weight then doing Pilates can greatly help you in that regard. Today we are going to dig into building a body changing routine through Pilates and weight loss for beginners.

Pilates works well for beginners as there is no need for a huge gym of equipment, instead it requires devoting some time and consistency and you will begin to see weight melt off. As you develop you will be able to go longer and harder to get even more amazing results!

This is one of the best things about Pilates is you don’t need to fulfill any other requirements unlike many other fitness programs.

The only thing that you need to do is rather be ready to devote yourself to it, and you’ll find the results appealing. So, to start a weight loss journey with Pilates the only thing that matters is your mindset.

Knowing more about Pilates and how it can help you will surely provide you the mindset and motivation you require to start stretching on that yoga mat. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about Pilates.

How to Lose Weight with Pilates Exercise?

There are many people out there who are facing serious issues such as- diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc., due to having excessive weight. They are always on the search for the best method to become fit.

Among other forms of exercise, Pilates has made its way to the top list because it promotes full-body workout and strengthens the core.  

In order to start your pilates journey, the first thing you should know is that you don’t need to be young, muscular, thin, flexible, or fit; all you need to do is decide on starting it.

As soon as it’s decided, consider yourself ready. The next thing you need to decide is which form you want to go with depending on accessibility, budget, and whether you have any injuries. 

Some people think that as Pilates is not a vigorous workout, it is impossible to lose weight easily by working out Pilates exercises.

The fact is, it helps you burn calories to a reasonable amount, assuming you haven’t altered your diet. If you plan on losing quickly, then it is also suggested to add a few other forms of exercise and diet to speed the process. 

If you follow a strict diet plan besides doing Pilates, losing weight will be easier. You can also add some cardio workouts with your Pilates exercises to lose weight at a quicker rate.

Research also shows that fitness plans that include Pilates with aerobic exercise tend to create lean muscle while decreasing excessive fat.  

However, if you don’t feel like adding any extra forms of exercise to your fitness plan, you can still increase the rate of your weight loss by increasing the intensity of Pilates exercises over a period of time.   

What Are the Benefits of Pilates Exercise?

Besides being a great option for weight loss, it also has several other benefits. It not only promotes the mind/body integrative approach but also focuses on core strength and precise alignment.

When it comes to talking about the benefits that Pilates exercise provides, the below-mentioned are the top ones that seal the deal. 

Easily Adaptable 

One of the best things about Pilates exercises is that they can be modified according to the needs of an individual. There are thousands of forms of this exercise and a thousand ways of modifying them, making it very convenient and adaptable.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a female or a male, aged or young, a rookie or an elite athlete; it is a great choice for everyone. 

Fitness of the Whole-body

Most of the exercises out there tend to target specific parts of your body to over-develop. This is where Pilates has the upper hand, as this exercise focuses on the entire body without neglecting any parts.

It promotes integrative fitness that cannot be easily found in any other form of exercise. Therefore, for athletes and in rehab settings, it is considered to be a great foundation. 

Increase in Flexibility

Pilates is an exercise that encourages you to stretch your muscles and thus increases your muscle length. As a result, you will gain more flexibility. So, this exercise has a practical goal to help you bend and stretch more easily and freely to let you meet your life needs. 

No-Bulk Strength 

Pilates won’t help you build visible muscles. However, it will definitely tone your muscles that will cause them to work perfectly with your body’s context.

As mentioned earlier, Pilates trains your body as a whole, and therefore, even though no specific part of your body will be bulky, it will ensure that the muscles your body holds are lean and strong. 

Improvement in Posture

If you have a strong core to support you, only then you’ll have a good alignment, which will be reflected by a good posture.

Pilates helps you improve your posture and thus lets your body move freely to express itself through harmony and strength. So, Pilates is also very beneficial for people who have back pain. 

Core Strength Improvement 

Core muscles involve the muscles that help us move efficiently, have a good posture, and have a supple, strong back. These deep muscles are- pelvic floor, back, and abdomen muscles.

Pilates helps you improve your core’s strength, which is very important as it supports your body frame. This improvement in core strength also helps with attaining flat abs. 

Promotes Great Appearance 

Pilates changes your body for good because it balances musculature, improves muscle tone, promotes graceful and easy movement, and forms a beautiful posture. These are the topmost vital things to make someone fit and to have a great appearance. 

Increase in Energy 

It is no surprise that energy is related to being active. If you exercise, you’ll gain more energy, and the more you continue doing so, the more you’ll feel the need to keep maintaining an exercise routine.

This is another reason to choose Pilates. Because it stimulates the muscle and spine, helps with circulation, provides a fulfilling feeling, and thus increases your energy.

Increase in Awareness 

Pilates is said to be an excellent way of increasing awareness among people. If done with great attention, the exercises that Pilates offers have the power of coordinating your spirit, body, and mind completely.

It will integrate your body and mind with great concentration, precision, control, centering. 

What Are the Types of Pilates to Consider?

To understand the options out there regarding Pilates and choose the right one for yourself that makes the most sense to you, you need to consider two forms of Pilates. One is classical Pilates, and the other one is contemporary Pilates. There are many varieties under these two options as well.

Classical Pilates

This form of Pilates is the truest of all the other forms of Pilates. It is taught in a posterior title position. As a result, most of the exercises include pressing your lower back to the floor. 

It mainly includes a reformer and a mat, but it may also include equipment chosen by your guide to intensify and improve your structure. It is a controlled and dynamic form that also helps you burn calories. 

Contemporary Pilates

Contemporary Pilates is also known as the clinical Pilates of modern Pilates. It focuses on gathering knowledge on scientific reasoning and anatomy behind physical exercise and movement. 

Here the exercises are more adjusted and modified, keeping in touch with physical therapy, biomechanics, and modern research. The practice in this form of exercise is mainly done with a neutral spine.

Final Thoughts on Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners

In this article, “how to start a weight loss journey with pilates,” I have also talked about if it is a great choice for weight loss and the benefits that it comes with. I have also talked about the types of Pilates that you may want to consider.

I hope this article was of help to you and wish you the best of luck with your health and fitness. 

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