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When you start being healthy and finding ways of training, you might find yourself looking at either Yoga or Pilates as your daily way of burning off some calories.

Both of the groups that use these exercises will want to claim that their training regime is much better than the others.

However, you will quickly find yourself wondering which one is better, which one should you be using to burn off the most calories.

You can burn up to 250 calories in a power yoga class while an extreme session of Pilates can burn up to 375 calories. Your average session of Pilates will burn 175 calories, with Yoga easily reaching up to 145 calories for the normal sessions. As to time, Pilates needs to be practiced intensely for four or more days to be effective while Yoga can allow you to do more sustained long periods of exercise, usually every single day of the week.

Each of these should be considered in their environment, with several of the exercises you can do increasing or decreasing the number of calories you can burn. Many times the act of doing the exercise will not be enough to actively lose weight, only allowing you to maintain your current weight with ease.

These are the things you need to know about Pilates and Yoga that will make you lose weight faster than you can eat a cupcake!

How does Yoga help you lose weight?

Slow, deliberate movement is what Yoga is about, concentrating on parts of your body that you didn’t know could be stretched. As you go through each routine you will feel your muscles burn and get stretched, slowly strengthening each one until you are tired.

This is how yoga exercises you and helps you refocus your mind if done properly.

Young attractive yogi woman practicing yoga, doing Utthita Trikonasana exercise, extended triangle pose, working out, wearing sportswear, black pants and top, indoor full length, white yoga studio
Young attractive yogi woman practicing yoga, doing Utthita Trikonasana exercise

Yoga helps you lose weight by slowly making your burn energy, the simple act of moving through each pose, tensing the muscles as needed, and creating tension helps to burn off fat.

A proper session of Yoga that lasts just over an hour will easily burn 145 calories, which is not a lot of calories to burn in a single session.

However, with Yoga your muscles do not get so tense that you cannot repeat the exercise the following day, by adding this into your routine it becomes compacted calories that are burnt.

Creating a routine that allows you to do Yoga each morning or each evening is the best way to start losing weight with these simple exercises.

How does Pilates help you to lose weight?

Pilates is an opposite from Yoga that still exists in the same sphere of training, while Yoga will focus on keeping one position, Pilates will have slow, constant movement.

With many positions and movements requiring complete control of your body, while constantly moving. This allows Pilates to do a few things that Yoga cannot do.

Pilates promotes weight loss by rapidly exercising the muscles throughout your body, each movement increases the strain you are putting on your body.

Sporty woman doing pilates toning exercise for arms and shoulders with ring, fitness with pilates magic circle in hands, working out wearing sportswear, indoor full length, white yoga studio or gym
Young woman practicing pilates with a ring

This is increased by the fact your full body is in tension while doing the exercises, allowing you to burn calories much faster than you would in Yoga, where most of the poses are held but no movement takes place during a pose.

Pilates puts an immense amount of strain on your body, which always means that by the end of the exercise your body will be sore.

Most first-timers will be sore for the following few days, unable to perform fully when they attempt to do more Pilates. This means that until you are fully fit you will only be able to do Pilates around 4 to 5 days each week.

What is the best way to choose between the two?

Choosing between these two exercises can be extremely difficult, each requires the same amount of time, they have very similar movements, and the calories lost can be extremely close to each other.

Many times people decide which type of exercise to start doing by going with their friends to classes, usually being dragged to these exercises by their friends from the start.

However, if you can choose without being pressured by friends the best way to choose is by looking at how fit you already are. Both exercises can be done in confined spaces, and only needs one hour to be done properly, which only makes it even more difficult to choose between the two exercises.

To choose you should consider how fit you are, Yoga allows you to slowly gain the muscles you need, while Pilates will push you to your limit from day one.

If you feel you need to develop the muscles you have right now further it may be well worth it to start with Yoga then transition into Pilates as you gain more confidence in yourself.

How can you increase your weight loss with these exercises?

Once you have the basics of these two exercises down you may wonder how you can increase the rate at which you will be losing weight. There are many ways that you can increase the efficiency of losing weight, while not adding any extreme form of exercise to your already existing routine.

Many practitioners of these two training and exercise techniques will follow these, as simply staying at their weight is not always what they want.

Sometimes they want to lose some fat or even gain extra muscle mass. These are things you can do to increase the weight you lose while doing either Yoga or Pilates each day.

A combination of training

While either Pilates or Yoga will see you losing weight if done constantly with the right techniques, there is a much simple way that will increase weight loss. Many people that do these exercises will do both each day, allowing them to effectively double the speed at which they lose their calories.

This is because Pilates easily allows you to do the exercise a few hours before you get into bed, which makes the muscles tired and fatigued.

While Yoga is much more calming to do in the morning before you start the day, this simple addition and spread of these exercises will allow you to lose weight much faster when you perfectly combine them.

Reducing caloric intake

All exercise is limited in how much calories you can burn, even if you sprint from one point to another the whole day long, the number of calories in a simple ice cream can outdo the exercise you did.

This has been true since the addition of sugar to all foods first started, which means there is only one real way to lose weight.

You will have to watch how many calories you take in each day, limiting this will see you losing weight much faster than anticipated. However, you should still actively exercise to ensure muscle growth, so that you do not become super thin without having any muscle to even walk up and down the stairs without collapsing.

Constant schedule of training

The first thing people do when the weekend starts is rejoicing that they do not have to exercise anymore, however, this is the biggest falsehood they can create.

When you start exercising you should never really stop, you can slow down the amount of Yoga and Pilates you are doing each day, but you should not stop.

Even when going on vacation you should be actively working to stay on your normal schedule, doing Yoga or Pilates each morning or afternoon. This will ensure the progress that you made throughout the year is not lost in a few weeks of temptations and lack of will.  

Increasing the exercise intensity

Once you have the basic techniques down to an artform you will have to increase the intensity of your exercises, by either increasing the time or attempting more difficult positions.

This means that you may not increase the number of calories you are burning, but you will increase the speed at which your muscles are growing.

This has the knock-on effect of your body becoming leaner and looking much better even when in a relaxed position. Many people that do this soon become more active, usually taking up running or basic weight lifting to bolster their already existing routine of Yoga or Pilates.

Is DDP Yoga an Effective Weight Loss Option Compared to Yoga and Pilates?

When it comes to weight loss, ddp yoga: a non-impact fitness approach stands out against traditional yoga and pilates. This dynamic and intense workout combines traditional yoga poses with resistance training and cardiovascular exercises, making it a powerful choice for those seeking effective and efficient results. With its focus on strengthening and toning the body while burning calories, DDP Yoga offers a unique approach to weight loss that sets it apart from other exercise options.

Final Thoughts on Is Yoga or Pilates Better For Weight Loss

Both of these exercises bring different things to the table, allowing you to easily gain both muscle mass and lose a lot of calories before the day starts.

These are perfect low-impact exercises that mean you can enjoy doing these wherever you are in the world, even if you are stuck on a train with only a sleeper compartment.

Just be sure that whatever you do, you aren’t twisting your body in such a way that it cannot be untwisted!

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