Junk Food Post Workout? Good or Bad for Getting Gains

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It is completely natural for you to feel hungry after a workout and this is when your body will signal that you need to get some calories back and consume food. You more than likely are already aware of how some people tend to be able to stick with healthy foods after their workout, whereas others tend to go after junk food.

Is it okay to eat junk food after a workout? While it may provide you some immediate energy due to the sugar content it is advised to have more nutritious foods to help your muscles start the recovery process. While junk food may provide energy it doesn't provide any health benefits for your body to repair workout damage.

While staying on high quality nutrition is always a better choice for the overwhelmingly better qualities of the food sometimes junk food is a caloric boost you need.

I've heard the saying "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" many times and in this case it holds true that just because they are not a perfect source of nutrition doesn't make them useless, maybe less useful.

Should You Eat Junk Food After Your Workout?

I would suggest that you shouldn't aim to eat junk food after a workout as it is missing vital nutrition your body needs and is really just plain sugar when the signals are for repair nutrition.

Almost all junk food is made up of a large amount of sugar, fat and refined carbohydrates which are all mostly just empty calories that may give you energy but won't satiate the hunger pangs.

These empty calories will be in a position to create a negative impact on your workout performance and for some people may actually cause more of a drain than a boost over the long term.

There is also all the history behind how empty caloric foods appear to impact overall metabolism and can be a big cause of that insidious weight gain over time that most are working against.

If you continue with this habit for a longer time, you may not be able to get many positive returns from the hard effort and workouts that you do. Though you may also be increasing your risk of getting chronic illnesses from the junk foods.

Effects That Junk Food Can Create on Your Health and Well-being

Junk food is in a position to create an impact on your body and mind. This damaging effect is quite difficult to reverse. You will not be able to realize the negative effects that come along with junk food when you are consuming them.

You will realize the negative effects created by them when it is too late. However, you will become a victim of diabetes and heart diseases by that time.

According to numerous studies conducted in the past, it has also been identified that junk food is in a position to create a negative impact on your mental health as well. In other words, people who consume junk food are dealing with a high risk of getting depression.

You are working out with the objective of ensuring your physical and mental wellbeing. Along with the workouts, you are expecting to keep the different health issues at bay.

However, you cannot get that support out of the junk food that you consume. Instead, junk food will lead you towards more and more troubles.

Junk food can create an impact on your energy

You will not be able to find energy needed to engage with workouts through the effects caused by junk food. That’s because junk food can directly impact your energy.

They provide empty calories, which cannot contribute towards the energy levels that you have. Hence, you will not be able to fill in all the depleted energy levels within your body after a workout through junk food.

Fast food should be considered as the last option available out there to restore the energy stores. You must try your best to refrain from the consumption of junk food. It can ruin the positive returns that you would receive after a workout session of several hours as well.

Empty calories come along with nutrition

As a person who is working out, you should be focusing heavily on your nutrition as well. This is why you must stick to nutritious foods after a workout as much as possible. However, you will not be able to get such nutrition out of the junk food that you are consuming after a workout.

The junk food you consume doesn’t just come along with empty calories. They are low in nutrition as well. Therefore, you will not be able to rebuild your muscles through junk food.

They don’t offer any protein to you at all, which is needed to help and repair the muscles located in the body. On the other hand, you will not be able to keep the metabolism levels high as well.

You cannot get any long lasting energy out of junk food. Hence, you will not feel like going to the gym to engage with workouts in the following morning. That’s because junk food you consumed has depleted all the energy levels of your body.

Best alternatives for junk food

You should not consume any junk food after the workouts. However, this doesn’t mean that you should strictly stick to the healthiest food options available out there.

That’s because you can find some good alternatives for junk food, which don’t deliver the negative effects as mentioned above. Here are the most prominent food options available out there to consider among them.


You can consume three slices of bacon after the workouts. Then you will be able to get in around 10g of protein, which will be able to deliver all the support needed by your body with developing muscles.

Your body will go through a serious trauma while you are working out with all the weights at the gym. Hence, you will need to think about repairing the muscles effectively.

Bacon will be able to deliver much-needed assistance you want. On the other hand, bacon is a delicious food and you will get the same appetite to enjoy it, as if you are enjoying junk food.


People who are afraid of consuming carbohydrates will tend to stay away from Bagels. However, we believe that it is one of the best foods that you will be able to consume after the workouts.

That’s because you will still need some quick carbs after the workout. Each bagel would deliver around 34g of carbohydrates to your body. This is more than enough for you to fuel up yourself.

You will be able to rebuild the energy that you have lost during workouts with the support offered out of Bagels.


You can think about consuming bagels with butters. This will also be able to help you with replacing junk food with something more nutritious. Butter has the ability to boost up your energy levels.

On the other hand, butter can also deliver a great assistance to you with the ability that you have to burn fat. Butter you consume will be able to deliver much-needed support that you need with fighting against inflammation as well.

This is one of the best brain food varieties available for you to consume. You will be able to focus on the challenges that are ahead of you with the support offered out of butter.

Final Thoughts on is it Okay to Eat Junk Food After a Workout

Now you are aware about some of the healthy food options that you can think about consuming after the workouts. Instead of consuming any junk food, you should try your best to stick to these food options.

Even if you get the temptation to consume junk food after a workout, you should resist that and ensue that you don’t go ahead with the consumption of any junk food.

This will help you to ensure your good health in the long run. You will not be able to work out and receive positive returns on a bad diet. Hence, you must always keep the facts in mind and stick to healthy foods.

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