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If you are planning on becoming the best-looking bodybuilder in the world, or simply want to have the perfect physique you will be faced with the question of your body shape.

Many people can start bodybuilding and feel like they haven’t made any progress even after years of exercise. It really can be confusing knowing whether or not your genetics have decided on your future of being a bodybuilder.

Genetics does drive the initial growth of your muscles, deciding how much muscle you can gain in a short period. Barring any deformity, you will be able to not only become a full bodybuilder but have a structured physique built up through constant training and the right exercises. Some genes can put you ahead of others, however, they will not be the dominant decider for the top levels.

While genetics may not decide how well you do once you reached the top of the bodybuilding world, there are many ways that genetics will help you become fit.

These genetics are varied and will have different benefits to each of them, with most people learning what advantages their genes have over others once they start exercising.

How to tell if your genetics are good for bodybuilding?

Some signs of good genetics for bodybuilding can start showing themselves early one, however, it is best to wait until your mid-teens before really looking.

Generally, if you have a strong build even without the training then chances are you will be able to carry that on with you. Some of the best genetics, however, will be harder to see.

While good bones and strong muscles are vital to becoming a bodybuilder the internal chemistry of your body is a lot more important.

If you have a slow metabolism, broad shoulders, and a rounded chest then you are much more likely to get a bodybuilder’s physique within a few months of training.

A crowd of bodybuilders and fitness models on stage

These are the traits you need to look for yourself in your early training sessions as they decide how well you will be able to grow.

While these are the perfect people to become bodybuilder, those who are enjoying faster metabolisms or just a normal metabolism you have other advantages.

Being naturally thin or just normal-sized means, you can easily convert your fat or lack of fat into muscles. Something that many of the perfect shaped people for bodybuilding find themselves in, being overweight whenever they’re not training.

What is considered good genetics for bodybuilding?

Now that you know what to look for to determine if you are going to be a good bodybuilder, you must know what are all the genetics that make for a good bodybuilder. These are the things you will find judges measuring when they measure you on stage or look at you during flexing routines.

A natural bodybuilder will have a shoulder that is naturally large, forcing them to walk with their arms almost spread out while their chests are rounded.

If overweight they may be first to suffer from man boobs, while if they are fit their pectoral muscles will naturally shape their breast area.

Further, a natural bodybuilder will have full shoulder muscles that can be flexed almost independently from the rest of their body.

The best genetic for becoming a bodybuilder is that you need to have already existing muscle that can easily grow stronger.

If you were naturally fit while in High School then the chances are that you can easily become a bodybuilder without having to worry about the overall shape of your muscles.

How does the structure of your bones affect your bodybuilding?

When you first walk into any gym and start focusing on bodybuilding you will be bombarded with looks and judgment on the structure of your bones.

This is because bones are the key parts to deciding how your muscles currently are and what they will look like once trained fully.

If your bone structure is already impeccable then you are almost certain for becoming extremely well built once trained.

While everyone on earth does have the same basic bone structure it is important to remember that your length, strength, and height are dependent on the bones that you have.

If all that was required to make you taller was training then there would be no short people left, which is why it is important to remember how bones affect your bodybuilder look once you are super fit.

How muscle is dispersed

Many people make the mistake of thinking that muscles are simply a part of the body as fat, however, this is not true as muscles are almost entirely grafted onto your bones.

This means that while muscles do connect parts of the body, they are also connected to your bones. Which has a knock-on effect on how bones affect the strength of all of your muscles, heavily changing just how strong you can be.

If you have a solid bone structure that allows for your muscles to be more connected then you will be naturally stronger.

Further, it will affect the look of your face as well, as a strong jawline requires a good jaw to begin with.

Many times, you will see bodybuilders taking care of their bones just as much as their muscles, making sure they never get into positions where their bones could break.

Thickness of bones

Probably the most confusing part of bones when it comes to how muscles are affected by them is the thickness of your bones.

Thicker bones are naturally heavier, which is why if you are thick boned you may never be able to beat people in your same weight class for lifting. However, for bodybuilders thicker bones are perfect for shaping.

As your bones are thicker and stronger they can handle a bit more abuse, which is why you can enjoy becoming stronger faster.

Or simply have your muscles heal faster as they are more efficient at being used, allowing you to train muscles faster and stronger. Thicker bones allow you to have stronger more stable muscles, easily and comfortably.

Starting Strength Levels

If you have a better, healthier, bone structure it will naturally help your muscles grow throughout your life. As you are doing every task you may be surprised to notice that you are stronger than most ordinary people.

This means one thing for you and your bodybuilder career once you start training. As you are more naturally strong with stronger bones your muscle training will start at a much better location than most others.

Starting strong means that your muscles may already be defined and will allow you to focus on more advanced techniques much faster than those still need to build basic muscle definition

Overall weight for competitions

When it comes to a competition you want to weigh the least while being the strongest, this is a problem early on for your strong, thick boned body.

As you start taking part in more and more championships and you gain more defined muscles this will change and you will find your weight class.

The weight class you are in will greatly define the overall competition you have no matter where you are.

Having a proper weight class is the best way to making sure that your muscles are trained. As you may not expect it, but your friends will be able to teach you a lot more about the overall training that you could and should be doing.

What are the three accepted types of bodies for bodybuilding?

While the bone structure is an important part of your genetics and will be affected the most by what your parents gave you, there is another part of your body that will be vital.

The speed at which you are digesting food is a vital part of how much muscle you can build at any given time. Usually, before you are starting to body build you will be recognized as one of three types of bodies.

These are accepted throughout the bodybuilding world and should be used to decide what types of training you need to focus on.

All bodybuilders should strive to know where they fall within these three, as it can be the difference between being almost well built and is amazingly well built.


If you’ve walked down the street and seen that guy that is skinny and your friend laughs about him being blown away by the first strong breeze, then you have seen an ectomorph.

These are the people that are thin no matter what they eat, their bodies are lean and low fat, with most enjoying a perpetual state of low weight.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to being an ectomorph if you are one of these you must know these.

Knowing what you should be doing is the best way to get your muscle mass increased rapidly, not fighting against your genetics, but working with them to become the best bodybuilder you can be.

  • Fast metabolism: Both a blessing and a curse because you don’t need to work off the fat it means you’ll be concentrating almost immediately on your muscle mass. However, because food seems to just fall through you it will be a challenge to gain mass, which is vital to building strong, healthy muscles.
  • Being Thin All Over: Ectomorphs suffer from more than just being thin, their bones are smaller as well, which means their wrists are smaller and their chests flatter. Getting your body to be that perfect muscled physique will be a constant uphill battle.
  • Work Harder: As your body is thin and you are constantly fighting to gain mass you will have to work so much harder to get larger and larger muscles. Ectomorphs might be the smallest guys on the platform but they are also the hardest working, as they are constantly having to cut to become properly sized, while also having to work on constantly gaining mass.


You are much more likely to be a mesomorph than anything else, these are to put it simply, everyday people.

Mesomorphs are neither fat, nor skinny, and before they start training they will be close to the perfect BMI mass they should be. This is why mesomorphs are the average bodybuilders you will meet at most gyms.

Mesomorphs are the people that are ready to take on the gym but never have, so understanding how their genetics allow them to so easily become bodybuilders is important.

Unlike ectomorphs these are the people that will start showing results within the first few weeks of training, usually having to work on converting their mass into muscle more than anything else.

  • Classic Genes: We call mesomorphs the people with the most basic genes as genetically speaking they are neither fantastic looking or particularly ugly. This is why we say they are the average looking person, once they start training they will become better looking, but they may be limited to how well they will look.
  • Easy Gain: Because mesomorphs are slower to metabolize foods they will easily gain muscle mass throughout their training. This becomes obvious when you see them eating food and as they’re training the energy is turned into muscle, instead of fat or simply disappearing.
  • Athletic: Oddly enough early on before becoming full bodybuilders mesomorphs will have athletic builds, which means they look like someone who does exercise quite regularly. This is something they should be doing, but they have transitional phases, and many people that have a healthy gym life will be in this area as they gain muscles throughout their lives.


If you want an Adonis you are going to be looking to find yourself an endomorph, these are the people that are destined to become bodybuilders from the day they first hit puberty.

Broad-shouldered and round chested you have seen these characteristics in giants such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Endomorphs require little to no training to become large hulking beasts and when they are used in sports they usually become giants on the fields or giants on the battlefields.

Endomorphs are rare and you will be much more likely to see them being overweight out in the wild than you will be seeing them as the beasts they should be.

  • Slow Metabolism: The biggest blessing and curse for endomorphs is that their metabolism is slow, which is perfect for gaining mass while training. As almost all food gets turned into new muscles, however, this means that endomorphs take longer to build muscles such as six-packs and gain weight quicker once they slow down their training.
  • Strong Bones: If you are looking to see what the bones of a bodybuilder should look like, endomorphs are it. Their bones, from their wrists to their ankles will be much larger and stronger than those of other bodybuilders, allowing them to look so much more cut and proper than others.
  • Quick Results: Something that all endomorphs enjoy is the speed at which they will be gaining strength, usually because they are already naturally built and strong. Most endomorphs are significantly stronger already and once they start training their muscles easily adjust to doing what they need to be doing.

What does having a more defined bone structure give you?

Understanding how your muscles are going to be affected by your genes is important and once you are sure that you may stand a chance to become a bodybuilder you need to know what effects your bones will have on your muscles.

These are different than just the genetics of your body and bones, as these are the things that will never change, with many people stopping their growth through bodybuilding.

This is the vital part that you need to remember about bodybuilding, while it can strengthen your muscles and body it does not work miracles.

When you are training wrong or simply too early it will be the damage done to your bones that define what your overall future will be.

Knowing the genetics of your bones and what will allow you to be stronger is a great way to become the best.

Stronger Jawline

When you think of the best bodybuilders in the world the first thing that should pop into your mind is their face, and then usually their sculpted bodies.

Many bodybuilders around the world have the perfect body, they should be winning every competition they are in. However, this is not the case and there is only one real reason why, because their bone structure looks week in their face.

Even the best training in the world won’t change the fact that your jawline looks weak, causing you to have either an undefined chin or just a weak chin.

Surprisingly, this is a strong consideration in bodybuilding competitions and will greatly affect the overall level of success you have in the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Overall body shape

This is where many people make a big mistake if they have a desire to be a bodybuilder from a young age. Usually starting way too young in their early to mid-teenage years, training in the way that is needed for bodybuilding stops growth.

What this means is that if you are going full speed ahead at 14 or 15 that is most likely the highest you will ever get.

Allowing your body to grow naturally is usually healthier overall, as this allows your muscles to grow with your bones.

You may even be able to become a true Adonis if you wait until the right age, however, if you never wait then you will end up with a body that is both too small to gain enough muscle, but you may even develop various bone diseases later in life.

Easier to bulk

If your bone structure is near perfect then there is one noticeably clear advantage that you will have, you can bulk easier and faster than almost anyone else.

As you are exercising you will notice that your muscles can grow faster and faster than your friends. This is because your muscles have the proper room to grow and with the right support structures will happily do so.

It may seem odd but this is why a full-grown man is more likely to have a perfect muscled body while those who are training from too young an age won’t.

Bulking is the main way you are going to be training for most of your bodybuilding career, being able to do it properly is a vital part of your life.

How long before you should see what the genetics you have will give you?

This is often a question asked by parents more than children, as you should know what your genetic strengths are by the time you are in your 20s.

However, it can be important to know what you will be able to see every few years, with many people allowing their children to grow up entirely, while others force their children to be training from a young age.

Usually, you can see when someone has been training too hard, for too long, as their bodies become oddly shaped.

These are sometimes people that are perfectly muscled but too short, or simply people that have needed surgery to fix a few of the defects caused by too much training at the wrong ages.

  • 0 to 11: During these ages, kids should be kids, and while they can be training most training should be under their weight. Running, pull-ups, push-ups, and the like are all healthy ways for them to keep a healthy physique without them doing any damage long term that will be regretted by everyone involved.
  • 12 to16: These are the ages when puberty hits and any child will see the most rapid changes in how their bodies are shaped. It is now that you will see the shoulders getting wider, the chests growing and the overall shape of their adult bodies emerging. Training with light weights can be helpful while being more physically active is also a good way to encourage healthy muscle growth.
  • 17 to 21: Now is when more training can be safely started, with most people entering the world of professional bodybuilding at this age. Training with most weights can be undertaken and a limited physique should be developed, just be careful that you or your child does not go too far as there is still some growing to be done. Hormone imbalances now can still be disastrous for the growth of sensitive parts.
  • 22 and up: This is when you are most likely fully grown, with most women already doing that by the age of 18. You or your children can safely enjoy becoming full-blown bodybuilders and bulk up as much as is naturally possible. Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Olympia competition in 1970 at the ripe young age of 23, a record he still holds to this very day.

Final Thoughts on How to Tell if Your Genetics Are Good for Bodybuilding

Your genetics greatly influences the bodybuilding career you have and will be the main way that it is determined what shape you will be in once you have all the muscles.

However, it can be impossible to change what your genetics will be and the only way to overcome this is through hard work and a lot of training.

Just having a good body is not enough, you need to be able to put in all the hard work that will make you the best bodybuilder in the world!

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