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We all live busy lives and making time to go to the gym may not be an option for some — especially with expensive membership fees, crowded work out areas, and shared germ-ridden equipment. Many have opted to explore ways to burn calories at home with no gym equipment needed.

The phrase, at-home workout, is a popular search term where anyone can find hundreds of results. The phenomenon of working out at home has surged in recent years with people wanting to stay trim but avoid gym’s at all costs, so what’s the scoop on how to burn calories fast at home without equipment?

For those looking to get a solid workout at home you will want something for exercise that can get your heart rate up and maintain it for a good length of time. The favorite is to do HIIT workouts which push you to maximize effort in a short period of time.

While some chose more rigorous ways to burn calories with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, others have found creative ways to burn off calories by doing everyday activities. House chores, standing up to work, stretching, and taking walks are some simple activities that can burn off about 100 calories and require no equipment. 

A key takeaway from trying to burn calories fast at home without equipment is that there is no magic workout or secret information to be uncovered that will melt away calories.

There are many factors that come into play when trying to lose weight or simply burn calories. Different bodies will react to activities in various ways. 

To find the best method to burn calories there are a few things that should be researched in order to get the best results. There are endless ways to simply burn calories — we do it everyday unbeknownst to us.

However, the trouble occurs when ingesting too many calories and not burning them off quick enough which can lead to weight gain. Understanding metabolism and how it affects the body can aid in determining what kind of workouts or activities are needed to achieve a desired result. 


We’re all familiar with the term metabolism. Your metabolism is your best friend when you’re young and can eat nearly anything in sight and by morning you still look the same.

Whereas, later in life when your own physical activity can slow, unwanted weight gain may occur. Then you’re stuck wondering, what happened? 

But what is metabolism exactly? Well, simply put, it’s the process of converting food into energy. Calories in the food and beverages you intake are broken down and combined with oxygen which is used as energy in the body. The energy created regulates and fuels your body’s hidden machinations such as breathing, circulating blood, and repairing cells. 

There are a number of factors that can affect your metabolism such as age, body size and composition, sex, food processing (ie. digestion), and physical activity. Oftentimes, people who claim they have a faster metabolism than others may just be more active. 

Sources say the most efficient way to burn calories is through aerobic exercises which include walking, bicycling, or swimming for at least thirty minutes. To supplement, strength training is also an effective exercise in burning calories.

A recommended regiment of twice a week strength training along with aerobic exercises can help you reach your fitness goals or burn off calories. 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training has captured the attention of consumers and the fitness industry. With many neo-gym’s popping up like OrangeTheory that provide interval based group classes, it’s easy to see how the industry has capitalized on this style of workout.

Touting itself as quick, efficient workouts to get you ripped and sweat the calories away, it seems that they deliver on their promise. Even scientists agree that HIIT workouts have great health benefits, particularly when focusing on the heart and building muscle. 

 Despite interval workouts being used for about a hundred years by runners, in the past decade there has been a surge in popularity with a focus on overall health benefits and losing weight.  

With magazine covers and blog sites praising this as the holy grail of workouts, many have turned to this interval or circuit style of workouts to suit their fitness needs.

Even better, these types of workouts can be done anywhere and do not require any kind of gym equipment.

HIIT workouts take up less time, and are guaranteed to have you working up a sweat and burn off those calories. If done correctly, you can build muscle, boost your metabolism, and lose weight. 

Taken from the playbook of professional athletes and modified, HIIT has become a sweeping sensation in the fitness industry. HIIT strays away from the idea of going on a long run and instead is based on short spurts of all-out energy exercise followed by a resting period.

HIIT workouts are not designed to be sustained for very long — in fact, it’s vital that rest periods are appropriately taken as this helps your body recover and build on cardio conditioning. A 2:1 ratio is used for HIIT workouts meaning, if you do 20 seconds of sprints, your recovery time needs to be about 40 seconds. 

Some examples of no-equipment HIIT workouts include; burpees, sprints, high knees, jumping jacks, planks, push ups,  squat jumps, lunges, and crunches or sit ups.  

Other Alternatives

For some a HIIT workout may be the perfect remedy to reach their fitness goals, but for others it may not be the best option. Whether certain health conditions prevent you from completing a HIIT workout there are still plenty of ways to burn calories at home without equipment. 

A great example of an at home workout that burns calories is Yoga. Similar to the way HIIT workouts have been highly popularized by pop culture, yoga has been at the forefront of mind-body work for years.

While there are many variations of yoga you can choose to perform, the main premise of the practice is stretching the body accompanied by deep breathing exercises in a meditative format. 

Yoga has many added benefits other than burning calories and gaining increased flexibility. Scientists have seen evidence that yoga aids in minimizing stress levels, provides back pain relief, heart health, increased energy, and better sleep patterns. 

You don’t need to be a pro to practice yoga or even know the poses. There are plenty of online applications anyone can download to enjoy a yoga class that takes you step by step through each pose and breath. 

In fact, there are hundreds in for thousands of applications or websites for at-home workout classes available. While many are free some do require a subscription in order to participate. Below are links to free workout classes that require zero equipment. 

Final Thoughts on How to Burn Calories Fast at Home Without Equipment

Finding time to squeeze in a workout can be difficult especially if it means having to go all the way to a crowded gym with equipment you may not know how to use properly. Finding an at-home workout with no equipment to meet your fitness needs can be tricky, but it is possible. 

HIIT workouts have been proven to be one of the best workouts that require zero equipment. The results produced by following these interval workouts have been life changing for many.

With a soaring popularity, HIIT has become a fast growing, manageable at-home workout that anyone can do to burn calories, lose fat, and pack on muscle in a quick thirty minute session. 

If a high intensity workout is not for you, don’t fret because there are plenty of ways to burn calories. Yoga is a fantastic workout for anyone struggling with body aches, stress, or looking for a more mild form of exercise.

Of course, there are variations of yoga like pilates and even barre workouts which derive most of its moves from traditional dance techniques. All of these forms are based on stretching the body muscles in a finely tuned manner. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of options for at-home workouts online. A quick search will result in thousands of avenues you try to best suit your fitness needs. 

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