Building Complete Health Through the Three Pillars of Life

Category: Strength & Fitness

This is the main focus of many when they want to build muscle and either “get big” or “get toned”. Working out has many flavors and finding your match can lead to amazing results!

  • Building Muscle Mass With Bodyweight Exercise

    Bodyweight training is a tried and true method of working out. It’s been around for hundreds of years, but with the advent of newer technologies like weight machines, people have started to wonder if one is better than the other. Athletes and personal trainers swear by this method which can sometimes be misconstrued as only […]

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  • Building Muscle Mass Through Hard Work Resistance Training?

    When starting on a health and fitness journey, it’s important to understand the fundamental options available in order to make the best choices possible. Determining what type of resistance training needed to reach his/her fitness goals is one of them. The fitness industry can be intimidating with so many options available and big-fancy terms regarding […]

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  • How to Burn Calories Fast at Home Without Equipment

    We all live busy lives and making time to go to the gym may not be an option for some — especially with expensive membership fees, crowded work out areas, and shared germ-ridden equipment. Many have opted to explore ways to burn calories at home with no gym equipment needed. The phrase, at-home workout, is […]

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  • Building Peak Physical Fitness Through Bodyweight Training

    Most people believe that you can build big muscles only by lifting big weights at the gym. Lifting weights certainly builds muscles but bodyweight training has its perks. If you don’t want to go to the gym regularly, the question “Is bodyweight training as effective as weight training?” may have popped up in your head. […]

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  • 5 Best Ways to Measure Your Overall Body Composition

    Just like taking a car in for an inspection to understand or identify any internal problems, the same can be said for body composition tests. These tests are meant to give an inside look into the body to understand how effective the body is working through internal processes. Body composition tests can answer questions regarding […]

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  • How to Build Physical Fitness at Home Without Equipment

    The gym doesn’t always sound like the best idea if you don’t want expensive memberships or can’t find the most convenient one. And buying heavy equipment to build a home gym is super expensive as well and many can’t afford to do that. So, how to get fit at home without equipment then you may […]

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