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This is the main focus of many when they want to build muscle and either “get big” or “get toned”. Working out has many flavors and finding your match can lead to amazing results!

  • Running – Does it Help or Hurt Swimming Fitness?

    If you’re a runner and are eagerly looking for ways to improve your swimming fitness, one question that may be running through your mind is whether or not running will actually help you swim better. In the past, coaches discouraged runners from doing any other aerobic activity besides more running because they believed it would […]

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  • What Makes Pole Fitness Vs Pole Dancing Different?

    Pole fitness and pole dancing are becoming popular day by day. Both pole fitness and pole dancing require the use of a pole. So, you might be curious to know the distinctions between them. This article will help you break down your curiosity regarding pole fitness vs pole dancing. Pole fitness is a kind of […]

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  • Whats Expected For a Fitness Tracker Lifespan?

    With fitness becoming trendy, every other person you see probably has some sort of a fitness tracker on their hands. These trackers have replaced watches in many people’s lives, and give much more helpful information daily. You might be thinking of getting one or you might already have one. One question is common among users: […]

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  • Resistance Band Training: Build Your Muscles With Bands

    Resistance bands are an excellent way to tone and build muscle while protecting your joints. They are lightweight and portable, making them an excellent workout tool. If you are looking to learn about resistance band training, you’re in the right place. Resistance band features progressive overload, constant tension, and linear variable resistance to help you […]

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  • Krav Maga vs Kickboxing for Building Overall Fitness

    Krav maga and kickboxing are two of the most well-known forms of martial arts. They both have their own set of advantages when it comes to fighting. However, if you want to learn one of them for fitness, you might be wondering which one is better. So, in this article, we’ll compare krav maga vs […]

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  • Benefits To Endurance Running On A Keto Diet

    There are an amazing amount of benefits that come from endurance running on a keto diet. Keto is extraordinary for the purpose of endurance sports as you can use your body’s fat reserves which helps you avoid the bonk most runners hit on long-distance endurance racing. One of the keys is the ability to access […]

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