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The best time to get fit is right now, which is why many people always start getting fit almost too late for the summer. Getting fit from thin, too much around the belly, or just having a proper body for when the time to walk around in our swimming clothes comes around.

One of the most fun and effective ways of reaching a perfectly toned body is the P90X workout. P90X is a good workout for beginners, helping to build the fundamentals of many techniques and grow the right routines for the future.

Owing to its quick get fit nature P90X is not specifically meant for long-term training, created to allow for stronger fundamentals for later training and techniques.

Knowing that it is perfect for beginners is not the same as knowing how to apply the P90X workout for you, which is where the rest of the training requirements for P90X come from.

One of the core values of P90X is knowing that it aims to get you perfectly beach body ready within 90 days, hence the name P90X.

Here’s everything a beginner needs to know about the P90X workout routine!

Where can I learn how to do the full P90X workout?

When the P90X workout routine was first introduced there really was only one way to get it, using the supplied DVDs that included everything you need. This included the routines, the diet schedule, and the protein requirements that you will need.

However, with the modern world getting a full P90X routine no longer requires that you hook up a DVD player. Instead, you can find many guides online that will give you all the basics you need, with several YouTube channels supplying full workout routines that you can follow as you go along.

The best and most stable way will still be to use a paid service with many online trainers willing to go through the full exercise routines using exclusive live streams.

There are many sources for getting the P90X workout routine, you can download full workout schedules that are in PDF format or see what exercises are used and create your own.

Access to a proper P90X workout routine is no longer a limitation in the digital age.

How long does the normal P90X workout take?

One of the greatest things about the P90X workout is a short time needed to do a full routine. Usually lasting around 30 minutes to 1 hour the workout is focused on never stopping, constantly moving from one technique to the next.

When you are still learning how to do everything it may take a bit longer to do everything until completion. In the beginning, it will take almost two hours to move through everything, even with the timer set on each exercise, however as you master the movements, the tricks, and the jumps you will be able to easily and fluently complete the routines.

The full workout should take you 90 days but as you gain muscle, become more fit and ready you should move to do the workout for much longer.

Adding new routines as your body improves and the nutritional needs change is important, P90X is a great way to get your body ready for the next step in your exercise routine.

How long should it take to see results using the P90X workout?

If you are already on the right level of fat to weight ration it may only take a few weeks for results to be seen and felt throughout your body. However, not everyone starts from the perfect position, and sometimes we may be over or underweight when we start a new training routine.

It should take between 4 to 6 weeks to start seeing results from the P90X training routine, with many people feeling better long before they see any physical changes in their bodies.

The change that you want to see won’t be complete until near the end of the training, which is part of why it is important to stay with it until the end.

Keeping with the training is more important to feel and see an improvement than anything else.

What are the basic training routines for P90X?

The training done in the P90X workout is not entirely new, the part that makes it special is the speed and repetitiveness that the workout introduces.

There are several central parts to the P90X routine that will form a part of your daily exercises, as well a few things that are aimed for rest days, which will allow your body to recover.

  • Plyometrics: Known as jump training, Plyometrics focuses on contracting and stretching your muscles as a way of strength training. This strengthens the muscles and usually involves quick movement and jumping routines in some way.
  • Chest & Back: This can be anything from push-ups, chest expansions, raised arm circles, clasped arm rotation and shoulder stretches. These are all meant to be done properly and fast, which feeds into the training of P90X, simple exercises that are done fast to promote muscle growth.
  • Ab Ripper: Made to increase your ab strength, ab rippers are intense exercises that will mean you will have some trouble standing up after each one. Usually involving in & outs, seated bicycle, sit-ups, leg climbs, fifer scissors, and many other exercises that will make your stomach muscles burn.
  • Core Synergistics: One of the most hardcore exercise routines that you will do with P90X the Core Synergistics is a full 1-hour workout that will test every muscle that you have. Every set of P90X workout routines will have a different set of Core Synergistics that you must focus on and following through with this will easily see you gain muscles throughout your body.
  • Kenpo X: A mix of several different types of exercises Kenpo X stems from the fighting style Kenpo, with Kenpo X adding in plyometrics and cardio. This is one of the more tough routines that you will do with P90X, requiring you to use a lot of muscles, burning calories with every movement that you make.
  • Yoga X: Similar to Kenpo X, Yoga X is a more intense version of the slow-moving and relaxing movements that we know from Yoga. Combining fast movement and the traditional movements from Yoga you are sure to test the limits of your muscles and discover just how hard it can be to do some of the simplest movements out there.

Why is the P90X workout so effective?

Of all the exercises out there, you may be wondering why the P90X workout is so popular, being one of the more popular and well-known exercise routines out there. This has caused many people to question how effective it is and then, later on, asking why it is effective.

When you get the initial DVDs of P90X you will be faced with a host that is extremely upbeat and willing to teach, with the difference being that the DVDs do not ramp up slowly.

If you are not already fit when starting the P90X experience you will quickly become unable to keep up, ending the normal workout session as an out of breath husk.

And this is perfectly fine, P90X requires that you actively stay moving, stretching, and training each part of your body through constant movement and training.

The host will encourage you to keep going, even if you are unable to necessarily do everything. Just trying to keep up and doing things at a slower pace will mean that you are losing weight and making some progress.

That being said different body shapes will experience different growths, while underweight people can quickly gain the muscles, those that are overweight will experience entirely different things.

Underweight People

Most people that are underweight are not aware that they are underweight, with many believing that they have just the right amount of muscles and fat. When you start the training, you will quickly realize where you fall by the way your body reacts and how your muscles feel afterward.

Just the simplest of stretches done for the P90X exercises will leave you weak limbed and you will quickly start having trouble moving as fast as required.

You may be able to keep up with the instructors on screen, but you will be facing an uphill battle the whole time. However, once you are done you’ll be sluggish and then the next day will bring the true horrors.

Owing to your body suddenly experiencing a proper exercise routine you will be stiff and sore; this is natural and shows that your muscles are indeed starting to grow.

P90X is effective for underweight people because it promotes muscle growth and will also encourage many people to actively start eating a bit more as they burn their calories.

Overweight People

The most difficult to train people will be those that have too much fat, it doesn’t matter where in your body, this will cause a lot of problems. Shortness of breath and soreness caused by more than just the growth of your muscles is part of getting healthy with P90X.

Despite the initial joint pains that you may feel, the P90X exercise is perfect for losing weight and gaining muscles in ways that will allow you to always lose some weight. Many times, overweight exercisers can keep doing the P90X exercises for much longer owing to the ease of doing each exercise.

It will take longer to see any results, but those that are overweight usually enjoy many longer-lasting results if they stick with the P90X exercise.

Unfit People

Apart from those already fit enough to run a 10-mile marathon people that are already at the right weight might find that results start happening the fastest for them.

While they may lose some weight around their tummies or arms they will quickly start seeing the results of their muscles growing. This is owing to these people not needing to gain weight or to lose weight for their muscles to become easily visible.

The only thing that may hold them back is how unfit they are, which is why they see results so quickly with the P90X exercises. The fast movement and dietary requirements mean that normal people can easily become fit.

Being able to become fit so quickly is one of the reasons that the P90X fitness program has become so loved by many people.

Why the P90X training can be done anywhere?

There is one thing that should never be overlooked about the P90X program, that’s the ability to be done anywhere with some space and a TV screen. This is owing to the simplicity of most of the workouts, with every step being explained by the YouTube video or DVD instructions.

The most important part of the P90X workout program is that there is no additional exercise equipment required to do it properly. The full P90X program should be followed with no extra equipment needed to help in the physical exercises.

When the DVDs were still regularly bought and used for the P90X program one of the main advantages was that all you needed was the meal plan sent with the DVD and the exercises.

This has allowed the fitness program to easily become one of the most popular exercises in the world, allowing people to do full routines in the comfort of their own house.

What should you do outside of the training?

While the training session that you will be doing daily is the core of the P90X experience there are a few things that have to be done above them.

This is owing to the damage that can be done if you are not making complete lifestyle changes, getting the perfect summer body in 90 days may be possible but keeping it after the first 90 days could be a lot harder.

There are two things that you will have to change about your life to successfully have the best possible body.

Diet Changes

Probably the main reason anyone in the modern world is overweight is that the food we eat is wrong. From greasy breakfasts that leave us groggy from sunup to large meals that fill us at night right before we take our long rests.

The way we eat, and what we eat is the largest contributing factor to why we most are overweight and constantly gaining more weight. When you follow any proper P90X program you will receive a full meal plan and you should be working this into your life permanently.

Removing any meals or snacks that cause you to gain weight and constantly ensuring that you are eating as healthy as possible. This won’t mean constantly removing the best tasting foods either, it just means that you should rather grab an apple instead of a chocolate bar when looking for something to snack on.

Active Life

One thing that you will quickly come to enjoy about being fit is the constant feeling of not wanting to sit down, which you will easily contain when working or studying. However, it should not stop you from enjoying the life you can live now that you are fit and capable.

Having a more active lifestyle, in general, will mean you are constantly becoming more fit and capable of doing things. No longer needing to overhaul yourself every winter to get ready for the summer, instead of enjoying active winter hobbies, active summer hobbies and many other things will mean that you are exercising by just living.

Final Thoughts on Is P90X a Good Workout for Beginners

Now that you know that the P90X exercise routine can help you easily become super fit and have the best summer body imaginable you should go out and get your program ready.

Training using the P90X program is simple but extremely effective for your training goals.

Just be sure that you have enough space around you to do any of the exercises required!

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