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In these times of pandemics and closed gyms are you looking for a solid way to build a gym at your home? Then you must be wondering what gym equipment will be the most optimal to work with, both in the long-term and for its performance in your daily workout sessions.

The search for good gym equipment will inevitably bring you to the question of which dumbbell is the most optimal.

Are BowFlex 552 worth it? For those who are looking for a quality way to spend money and conserve space then the BowFlex SelectTech 552s are a perfect fit for almost all households. They are able to provide you 5-52.5 lbs. of dumbbells i 1/20th the space normal dumbbell racks require I should know as I have had mine for 8 years!

In this article, we shall discuss in length whether or not the BowFlex SelectTech adjustable set of dumbbells are worth putting your money on or not. The goal of the blog is to provide you with an informed opinion about these adjustable dumbbells. So, without further a duo, let’s begin.

What Are Adjustable Dumbbells?

To briefly introduce, adjustable dumbbells refer to a single pair of dumbbells, whose weight can then be adjusted as you see fit, whether light or heavy depending on your workout’s intensity and capacity. The maximum weight capacity and the minimum weight capacity depends on the set of dumbbells you own.

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The precise adjustment mechanism varies between what dumbbell you buy, but for now, you can just keep in mind that in adjustable dumbbells, you can set the weight dynamically in contrast to fixed dumbbells.

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs. Fixed Dumbbells: Are They Better?

The ultimate basis to judge a dumbbell can be summarily broken down into three components:

  1. The cost
  2. The space issues and transportability
  3. Your personal preferences

In this section, we shall look at all three of these components and briefly discuss the differences between adjustable and fixed dumbbells.

The Cost

Everything has a price, and so is true for staying fit and healthy and the means for it. Gym equipment is typically expensive and sometimes becomes a major motivation killer when fitness lovers consider equipment costs.

Fixed dumbbells can be very expensive for each pair; typically, stores might take from you 1$ for each weight. Since when you gradually level up and your workout sessions demand more intensity, you naturally buy more weights for resistance. Thus it quickly depletes you of a lot of money when you consider it.

Adjustable weights, on the other hand, cost you a lot less when you consider the fact that adjustable dumbbells have weights that can be set dynamically, so instead of buying a lot of weights, you can just buy a pair of your preferred maximum weight capacity, and you’re all set!

Size comparison between a pair of adjustable dumbbells of the same weight capacity will tell you that they tend to cost half as much cheaper compared to fixed weights.

Conclusion: When the total expenses are considered, you might want to go for the adjustable set of dumbbells as it saves you money in this aspect, the adjustable weights triumph.

The Space Issues

Everyone who has now above the beginner level in weight training knows that as you level up, you need to keep adding resistance to your workout sessions so you can progress.

Working out in home becomes hectic when this issue comes up, since homes have limited storage, they can’t possibly store so many pairs of dumbbells, not to mention that with more weights, you will need to additionally buy more weight stands to keep them lined up.

Weights are very scary; if they fall on to your floor, then it might crack the floor or, worse, a bone. It’s not safe to keep so many dumbbells if you tend to work out in living rooms.

Adjustable weights make your life much easier when you consider their space-efficient qualities; you can reduce a huge number of dumbbells on a rack to only a pair.

Since weight can be manipulated dynamically, it will allow you to switch between the preferred weight you want without housing an entire rack of weights.

Conclusion: Adjustable dumbbells make your life much easier by allowing you to reduce the number of weights on your rack and make for better storage.


If you are bothered by the fact that you need to, during your workout, run to the other side of the room just to get a different dumbbell for your muscle group, or find it bothersome to forget what weights are at what location on the rack, then you might want to consider adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells can be dynamically set; therefore, you can switch the weights swiftly standing at the same place and continue your workout without needing to take an awkward break.

Furthermore, moving out of your home is easier now compared to fixed weights, which might come as very hectic to load and transport.

Conclusion: When transportability is considered, the adjustable weights take the cake.

Your Personal Preferences

At the end of the day, you are the one who decides whether or not the characteristics of the equipment available in the market are according to your needs or not.

Adjustable dumbbells are not used in commercial gyms as the mechanism’s machinery is bound to get damaged when it comes to the routine use of so many people, not to mention that very few people are familiar with these kinds of weights. However, being your home equipment it can make your life easier when issues related to space and transport are considered.

With now being done with the introduction to adjustable dumbbells and the basic differences between adjustable and fixed weights, let’s move on to the main gist of the blog, the BowFlex 552 dumbbells.

What Are BowFlexSelectTech 552 Dumbbells?

The BowFlex SelectTech is a type of adjustable dumbbell with a high-quality weight-switching mechanism. BowFlex has a selector based weight adjusting system, or to be precise; you can dynamically select a weight by tuning the dials on the corners of the dumbbells.

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The 552 gets its name from the fact that it initially has the minimum weight capacity of 5 pounds and the maximum capacity of 52 pounds. The weight is dynamically manipulated by turning the dial, making it very easy to switch between various combinations.

Are BowFlex SelectTech Dumbbells Better Than Other Adjustable Dumbbells?

The BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells have a swift and easier mechanism compared to other adjustable dumbbells with knobs, quick locks, and spinlocks.

The design of the Bowflex dumbbells is very similar to a regular dumbbell bar the dial part. This makes them easier to work with compared to other adjustable dumbbells that have an unfamiliar design.

The quality and flexibility of BowFlex 552 dumbbells grant them a higher rank when adjustable weights are considered.

The Brand

BowFlex is one of the biggest brands related to the gym in the world that has been making gym equipment since 1986 for commercial enterprises; their bestsellers include The Blaze and The Ultimate 2.

Their brand has been recently developing some great gym equipment for personal home gyms and has come up with great products.

Benefits of BowFlex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

We are going to dive into the BowFlex series of dumbbells and cover the question “Are BowFlex 552 worth it for you?”. BowFlex SelectTech dumbbells have distinct qualities that you can factor in for their ability to help you get results.

Flexible to Increment Weight

The dial system of BowFlex SelectTech provides you with flexible timing to adjust the weights according to your muscle groups; you might want to use heavier weights for large muscle groups and lighter weights for smaller muscle groups.

The dial system makes it easy to switch between these weights swiftly. BowFlex SelectTech 552 dumbbells can swiftly take you from lighter 5 pounds to heavier 52 pounds in 2.5- and 5-pounds increments.

If you require more resistance, then you might want to purchase the versions with higher maximum weight capacity, such as BowFlex SelectTech 1090 set of dumbbells or kettlebells for a change of pace.

High-Quality Plastic

The plastic gym equipment tends to have a poor image among trainers and fitness lovers, and that is reasonable. Plastic equipment tends to wear off relatively quickly and makes up for a very poor gym experience.

But it’s not the case with BowFlex; users review that even after months of use, the plastic parts stay at the same place and provide a better experience with plastic gym equipment.

Greatly suitable

BowFlexSelectTech dumbbells have a compact shape which facilitates you to perform all your dumbbell exercises without having to worry about the design or the handle of the dumbbell obstructing your angle or movement.

How to Use Bowflex Dumbbells?

BowFlex 552 has a highly functional and versatile dial mechanism for switching the weights. Each dumbbell comes with a cradle that acts as a base for holding the individual dumbbell and the individual weight.

To change the weight, simply place the dumbbell in the cradle and make sure that all the weights are properly aligned; now, simply turn the dial on both ends of the dumbbell for your desired weight. After this, you can simply lift the dumbbell from the base and start your workout.

Final Thoughts on Should You Purchase BowFlex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells?

If the issues related to space, transportability, and cost are something you experience, then you would want to go for the adjustable dumbbells. For these BowFlex you get your moneys worth versus other cheaper adjustable dumbbells.

In that case, you can’t deny that the BowFlex 552 dumbbells are the best kind of adjustable dumbbells out there when flexibility, functionality, and durability are considered.

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