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After the recent COVID-19 pandemic, most gyms have been closed because of the viral threat; as a result, most fitness freaks are unable to visit a gym and can’t take care of their body in the same way they used to do before the pandemic.

Many people happen to have various kinds of gym equipment in their homes, but what if you happen to be someone whose only hope was the gym? No one wants to lose the muscle mass they gained after a lengthy duration of time.

Furthermore, many people had body goals; they don’t want to quit yet. If you happen to be someone who is frustrated by the current condition, then you don’t need to worry because we got you covered. We shall recommend some ways on how to build muscle at home without equipment.

Top Bodyweight Exercises to Do At Home For Bulking Up

Bodyweight exercises are done using the weight of your body and force of gravity as resistance; there are many bodyweight exercises you can do at home, which won’t require you to use gym equipment and will help you gain muscle mass.

Although gaining mass is more challenging when you use your body weight as opposed to the gym weights, but you can do an optimal workout by using the right amount of nutrition and taking an adequate amount of sleep. So, without further ado, let’s start it.

Wide Press Ups

Wide press-ups are very effective for your chest muscles as they allow you to gain a lot of muscle mass in a short amount of time. When compared to standard press-ups, wider variations offer a more significant challenge for your muscles and improve your core strength.

Wide push ups bulk up and increase the muscle strength in your pectoralis, deltoids, and triceps. Variations of press-ups are necessary as it allows you to target the often neglected muscles of your body, such as those mentioned above.

How to Do Wide Press Ups?

To correctly nail a wide press-up, follow the following instructions.
1. Acquire a plank position while keeping your palms away from your shoulders.
2. Point your fingers forward or outside.
3. Slowly go down to the floor as you bend your elbows towards the sides.
4. Stop for a while when your chest is below your elbow.
5. Lift yourself by pressing your palms against the floor and engaging your core and return to your initial position.
6. Do 15-20 reps of 3-4 sets, or as you see, fit for your workout routine.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Wide Press Ups

A workout, if done incorrectly, can have detrimental consequences which you must avoid.
1. Do not ruin your posture by moving your hips and spine; ensure that they are adequately aligned in a straight line.
2. Keep your back straight.
3. Don’t hang your hips or move them up; align them with your back.
4. Pick a stop at the floor and look at it so you can keep your neck in one place.
5. Generate force by your hips, i.e., gluteal muscles throughout the exercise.

Diamond Press Ups

Diamond press-ups are a great variety of press-ups to strengthen your core muscles and train your chest.

How To Do Diamond Press Ups?

1. Acquire a regular press-up position and place your palms on the floor with a diamond shape, i.e., join them together.
2. Dropdown slowly to the floor as you bend your elbows and keep your back straight and aligned with your hips.
3. Pause for a while when your chest is lower than your elbows.
4. Engage your core muscles, press your palms on the floor, and return to your initial position.
5. Do 15-20 reps of 3-4 sets.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Diamond Press Ups

1. Don’t overextend your back as It will ruin your posture and can harm your back.
2. Don’t hang your hips; keep them aligned to your spine.

Incline Press Up

Incline press-ups are a great way to train your arms without using gym equipment. Incline press-ups will train your core as well as improve your arm muscles.

How to Do Incline Press Up?

1. Pick an elevated surface like a table or bed for you, bend a little, and place your hands on the surface on opposite sides with your fingers facing forward; make sure that your palms are a shoulder-width apart from each other.
2. After acquiring an optimal position for your palms, get yourself in a plank position and make sure that your spine and hips are correctly aligned.
3. Slowly go down as you bend your elbows towards the sides.
4. Stop for a while when your chest is below your elbows.
5. Lift yourself by pressing your palms against the surface while engaging your core and return to your initial position.
6. Do 15-20 reps of 3-4 sets or pick your routine as your body demands.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Incline Press Up

You need to avoid these common mistakes while doing the incline press-ups.
1. Don’t hang your spine or hips; make sure that they are aligned.
2. Don’t stand too close to the elevated surface as it may arch your back.

Bodyweight Dips

Dips are a great exercise to stimulate your muscle growth, also with being a great workout to bulk you up; it improves your core strength and improves your performance during other exercises.

Dips, even in general, are an integral part of a bodybuilder’s workout routine and can allow you to gain bulking muscles without using gym equipment. You can do dips to train your arms at home as well.

How to Do Bodyweight Dips?

1. Stand facing away from a slightly elevated surface, for example; your bed or a chair or a bench, i.e., the surface should be behind you.
2. Take your arms behind and grab the surface with both your hands and make sure that they are shoulder-width apart.
3. Extend your legs forward.
4. Flex your elbows, and lower body as our body creates a 90-degree angle with the surface.
5. Lift yourself back to the initial position.
6. Do 20-25 reps of 3-4 sets.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Bodyweight Dips!

1. Many people don’t keep the 90-degree angle, which ruins the exercise.
2. Many people give too much distance between their bodies and the surface.


Squats are a great way to train your thighs i.e., quadriceps and other leg muscles.

How to Do Squats?

1. Stand with your feet wide apart (a hip’s length apart).
2. Keep your chest and abdominals straight and put the weight on your hips when you go down.
3. Go into a sitting position and make sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor.
4. Pause for a while when you reach the position where your knees point slightly upward.
5. Return to the starting position.
6. Do 20-25 reps of 3-4 sets.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Squats!

1. Keep your back straight, so you don’t ruin your posture.
2. Go as low as you can; many people make the mistake of not going low enough while doing squats.

Squat Jump

Squat jumps are another great method of training your thigh and leg muscles.

How to Do Squat Jump?

1. Stand straight on a rough surface with your feet a hip’s length apart.
2. Lower your body until you acquire a squat position, and your feet and thighs are parallel to the floor.
3. Keep your arms folded and jump into the air.
4. After dropping back to the initial position, jump again.
5. Do 20-30 reps of 3-4 sets.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Squat Jump

A mistake you need to avoid when doing squat jump is to never pick a soft ground such as a trampoline or a mattress as it can ruin your angle and will do more harm than good. Another thing you need to take care of is your posture; when you drop down from the air, your knees are supposed to absurd the shock, and if your knees are not folded, you can give yourself a bad injury. The next section will focus on your diet as it’s equally necessary to bulk up and gain muscle mass.

Taking Adequate Nutrition

Taking of adequate nutrition is equally important to gain muscle mass, and below we shall list just a few foods which can help you gain muscles.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a slowly digesting protein that can help you curb your hunger and allow you to gain muscle mass. It is also a healthy source of many vitamins, such as B12.


A bowl of oatmeal is one of the healthiest food sources for gaining muscle mass. It helps you curb your hunger and is a very healthy source of fiber. It’s also rich with carbohydrates and has a low glycemic value. It also promotes weight loss.

Take Enough Sleep

The last step is to take adequate amounts of sleep and allow your muscles to rest, so your energy gets replenished before you start the workout again.

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