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BodyRock Plus: Diving Into a Home Workout Movement

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When you are looking to get fit at home and you need help where do you turn? For many they will look to join a gym and get a trainer to help them get organized and to workout to gain results. Instead, why not turn to online help from trainers who have a long history of solid results, welcome to BodyRock Plus.

What is BodyRock Plus? BodyRock Plus is platform from the makers of BodyRock products which allows you to have access to their workout series to stream online to many devices. There is a wide array of workouts which will fit with anyone looking to gain fitness results from home.

Lets take a look at what the BodyRock+ service is built around, from the costs per month to the variety of workout options. They are one of the overall leaders in providing you high value and high quality workouts from your home.

Lets take a look at the pricing options to help you understand the right plan for you and how choosing the longer plan may be the right option for you.

What Are the Plan Options?

The team at BodyRock has provided three different plan options to help those who need to have some options to payments. This allows you to pay less per month if you sign up for more up front.

The monthly contract option will always be the most expensive due to the option to stop each month and this means it has the most expense to you as an option.

As you add on time that you will utilize the service you get the benefit of less costs per month of service provided. For the 6 month (Biannual) contract this works out to about $17.50 per month saving you $2.50 per month.

If you go with the annual choice you will have a single payment of $179.99 but this works out to a savings of $60 over the course of a year versus the monthly contract. The savings each month would amount to around $5 saved by making the choice for the annual contract.

What Options are Available in the Workouts?

The BodyRock+ platform is home to 1000s of individual workouts while also providing you dozens of workout styles that are available to do anytime and anyplace.

From short, sweet, and oh-so-sweaty HIIT sessions, to game-changing challenges and body-sculpting bootcamps, to combat-style and cardio training, yoga, pre and post-natal workouts and even workouts for your active rest days, there’s something for everybody and any body.

Below is a short video to help you see what they showcase for their service and you can get a glimpse of whether this is the right style of workouts that will help you achieve the results you are aiming for.

Join BodyRock Plus Today

I’m New Where Should I Start?

Within the BodyRock+ platform you can actually use the filter at the top of the workout catalog page to select out the beginner workouts. If those aren’t interesting or fitting your need you can move to the Beginner Bootcamp.

The Beginner Bootcamp is a 30 day challenge to help kick start your fitness journey from scratch and help you get physically prepared for the intermediate workouts. Each workout has a warm-up, workout, cool down, then finish with a stretch sessions to help end with loose muscles.

What Equipment or Gear is Needed?

BodyRock+ isn’t the same as a vast majority of the other companies workouts which require investing in $500 or more in workout equipment, they prefer to keep it simple.

The biggest part of their equipment they recommend for everyone is a 6lb-10lb weighted vest as this helps you increase your workout burn. In fact, during the videos you will actually see that their trainers wear them also.

Wearing the vest just helps to push your body harder and adds an additional element of burn for faster results without slowing you down within the workouts.

Beyond that, they have created a few bundles of our core pieces of equipment. If you head over to the store, you will see these featured at the top of our site. 

How Long Are the Programs in Total Days and Minutes Per Day?

First and foremost the team at BodyRock offers many programs along with daily LIVE workouts. This means you can watch and workout with them together or choose a program and follow on your own timeline.

As to the the Bootcamps that are about 30 days in length each and have options for beginners, intermediate, along with advanced. This gives you the ability to match program to your actual fitness level.

BodyRock Plus is available anywhere you can get an internet connection along with available from many streaming platform devices like Roku, AppleTV and more.

The bootcamps are how most people start with the plan, but you can jump in anywhere! There are over 1000 videos to choose from after all.

As to the time, in general each of the workouts come in around 12 to 30 minutes each in length, depending on how advanced you are.

BodyRock Plus Video Inventory is over 800 videos and the next largets competitor is under 400!

Final Thoughts on BodyRock Plus for Home Fitness

If you are looking for a vast amount of workouts that don’t require purchasing an entire gym worth of equipment then there aren’t many choices available.

Most fitness programs have a focus on weights and doing multiple reps with dumbbells, barbells, racks, pull up bars, and much more. The awesome fact about the BodyRock Plus plan is that at best it requires a weighted vest.

I suggest starting with their free 7 day trial to find out if the workout programs are right for you, start with a few of the beginner workouts or maybe a few different trainers and find out if it will work for you!

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