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Are Pili Nuts Good for Keto? Possibly the Best Ever!

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If you haven’t heard of pili nuts before it wouldn’t surprise me. They are a relatively new and fascinating nut out of the Philippines that looks to work well for people who live a ketogenic lifestyle, they are one of the best nuts for keto diets due in large part to the high-quality omega-3 fats contained within the nuts.

Are Pili Nuts Good for Keto? Pili nuts are the best option when at maintenance as they are almost perfect in macronutrient ratio when trying to keep or maintain weight. They are very close to the 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carb mix the keto diet looks to achieve.

Let’s take a look into pili nuts and why they have sprung to prominence within the keto world lately. Maybe you will find that you would be interested in trying them also. They are an amazingly light and easy food to be able to consume on long runs which can provide additional energy.

The Best Nuts For Keto Diets

While most nuts have a large amount of omega-6 fats making them fairly inflammatory when eaten the pili nut is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids making it much more friendly to consumption without the linked inflammation.

Why would this matter to people on Keto?

Well, keto is typically a very low inflammatory diet due in large part to the removal of vegetable oils and carbohydrate. The maintaining of low inflammation also matters to us runners as it allows us to run more frequently with less of a chance of injury.

Unshelled pili nuts from the Philippines - Are Pili Nuts Good for Keto
Unshelled pili nuts from the Philippines

What Are Pili Nuts

Pronounced “peel-y,” the pili nut is a rich, buttery tree nut that is wild harvested from deep within the Filipino rain forest. Its taste is unique, often described as a cross between a macadamia nut and a cashew nut, but with a stronger, more tender flavor.

Pili nuts are sustainably harvested from the pili tree, a massive, beautiful tree native to the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. For centuries the high-fat pili nut has been a popular snack throughout Asia.

Served in their activated (i.e. sprouted) form, pili nuts contain a wide range of beneficial nutrients without the worry of “anti-nutrients” of some raw seeds.

Containing the highest fat and lowest carbohydrate content of any nut, in addition to being full of essential vitamins and minerals, pili nuts are a perfect addition to an active, sustainable lifestyle. 

Pili Nuts Introduction

What Makes Pili Nuts So Special?

The nutritional profile of pili nuts is quite amazing, their unique nutritional value is a prime reason why people tend to add pili nuts to their diet.

Most of the nuts are composed of fat, but there are also proteins and carbohydrates. The fact that it contains all amino acids and functions as a complete protein is enough of a reason to eat pili nuts, but combine that with the highest magnesium content of any nut, and you have something rare.

A single serving can also satisfy the daily requirements for copper and manganese and will add a healthy dose of beneficial fats to your diet. At more than 650 calories, a single cup of pili nuts can act as a meal replacement or a very healthy snack, but be careful not to overdo it, as an excess of fat and calories can act negatively on the body.

Even though there is a large number of fats found within pili nuts, instead of being bad for your cholesterol levels, they are comprised in large part of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are supposed to help balance your cholesterol levels and eliminate excess omega-6 fatty acids.

What Options Are Available?

Currently, they are available in nut butter, nuts in a package, and then they have their seasonal offerings which can be honey, hot oils or other interesting flavors.

Pili Nuts

Pili nuts themselves are amazing in just the salt and coconut oil as it just enhances the natural flavors. The cool thing is they also come in some amazingly tasty additional flavors like cacao, spicy chili, or Rosemary and Olive Oil.

Each of these I have tried, other than cacao, but my wife ate those. I am not a fan of chocolate as a flavor and my wife believes I am broken. I’ll allow you to decide on your own, but the cacao she said tasted like creamy chocolate due to the buttery nature of the nut.

Pili Nut Butter

This is where you get to a nice option that you can use in place of peanut butter or almond butter, there are an amazing amount of choices available to give you options to try out for months.

They also have convenient single-serve pouches which are amazing for runs as they can give you enough fat to keep power up while being an easy to carry small, lightweight container!

Final Thoughts on Are Pili Nuts Good for Keto

When I want a snack that is perfect for on the run I grab for Pili Nuts, not only because they are incredibly tasty but because they have a lot of quality fat content inside them.

I am very happy that I found them online and hope that they provide you the same yummy experience when you grab some for the next half or full marathon!

There are very few things which have a smooth and almost creamy texture without having to crush and mill them. I highly suggests trying them and you may find they become a fan favorite for you as well!

Interested In Ordering?

I order all of my nuts through Pili Hunters as they are always shipped fast and to my door fast. When they shipped me a container that was broken I messaged their support and they overnighted me my replacement without the need for pictures.

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